Author Topic: Wanted Gabion Wall texture  (Read 612 times)

2020-08-17, 11:11:46

Philip kelly

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Good morning.
Gabion Walls..Always pose an issue when in 3D models.
I have used textures in the past.

Attached a sample image I like, to achieve.
I would prefer to use a texture  and not model a cage and scatter rocks, as the over all model is quite big.
Do anybody know of a good source.
Thank you.
Dell Precision T7910

2020-08-17, 18:13:32
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Maybe you can use two materials:
-One for the stones, can be a stacked stones texture or a stonewall cladding. Just normal material with displacement.

-The other can be a material with alpha for the cage wires, or you can model these with a spline turned in to geometry.

This way you can control the size of the wires, the type of the stones inside. And you'll also have the shadows of the wires hitting the stones.