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2020-07-29, 07:11:08


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The autosaving of CXR's seem to be system dependent.

Currently, if we do a render and auto save is turned on, it'll save a CXR into the folder we tell it to.

If a colleague needs to render something different on the same system; if autosave is still ticked, the CXR will be saved in the same folder and will overwrite existing CXR's.

Is there a way to have it set to scene dependent?


2020-07-29, 09:54:42
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Hello Courtney,

I have the autosave option disabled but the "automatic saving on render end" enabled. Since the latter creates the filename via timestamp it will never be overwritten. So I can render several scenes, regions etc. on one system and have all the files ready. Only downside is that the file will be saved locally and not on a network.

It's not entirely what you are looking for, but could still help you out! At least until there is a better solution.

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2020-07-29, 12:03:02
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Is there a way to have it set to scene dependent?

Just press the "?" in the "Output autosave" group: you can define tokens. If the defined  filename would read for example "C:\temp\%f", the max file name would be part of the autosave file.

Edit: I just realized that some tokens are missing in the autosave token help, for example exactly that %f. Reporting it (#188837)

Good Luck

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