Author Topic: lighting in closed interior  (Read 7877 times)

2014-01-14, 19:30:35
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I tried your scene and there is room for optimization, you can gain some render time/noise by flipping your lights down. Why force them to bounce on the ceiling ? It's not even realistic.

i checked my scene, and all my light are down.
please take a look again.

They are oriented upward

This is what I get after 2 hours when oriented downward

2014-01-14, 19:33:04
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Keymaster, we have "light samples multiplier" for lights, would it be possible to add an option to control samples multiplier for materials emitting light ?

2014-01-14, 20:03:48
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Materials emitting light are lights.
Rendering is magic.
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2014-01-15, 06:58:51
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In that case, the florescent on the ceiling are  correct.
It sopous to light on reflector and back to floor.
From our test with new scene, interior with natural light, sun and sky, render faster and less noise.
I think we will ask from the architect
 to open some windows, :)