Author Topic: what is best way to get accurate colours?  (Read 886 times)

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Hi there, my name is Jone

So... as we're taught in rendering to never use max RGB values (ie; pure white should be somewhere around 200, 200, 200 value, max!) what is the best way to ensure I accurately represent real-life colours in renders?
I have an interior scene where I'm demonstrating varied wall colours. For example; the paint product "Tikkurila Symphony - F487", has an RGB value of 228 226 218. Obviously it's advised to not use these high values. So, what's the best method to 'downplay' (for lack of a better expression) these values to then accurately represent this colour?

2019-01-25, 10:32:10
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Nejc Kilar

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Honestly, when a client wants "perfect" color representation I usually try to get it as close as possible in the VFB and then I do slight tweaks in post. Its rarely 100% the same as the RGB they want because obviously lighting plays a role.

That being said, I would also recommend to use a fairly neutral tonemapping / LUT adjustment. Sometimes the colors can get really weird if you use some weirdly aggressive LUT.

2019-01-25, 11:38:18
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I've queried the same thing. It's all way beyond me, and I didn't get a clear enough answer for my beginner knowledge.

I did however, get directed here a lot:

Good luck. Personally, I usually think 'close enough is good enough', as it does change so so much with various lighting, tonemapping, LUT's etc.... even different devices show colour dramatically differently, and sometimes it's all down to subjectivity.

2019-01-25, 15:10:39
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It is also important to educate clients, because they themselves are often the problem.
We often get this situation when a brighter and a darker area of some space is depicted in an image - for example a living room with a lot of windows and a hallway with no windows.
Clients often ask why walls in the hallway are darker than in the living room :D...