Author Topic: Overly shiney results/Falloff on reflection map?  (Read 367 times)

2019-01-15, 10:46:55

Bill Barber

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Hi there,

I have been working on making downloadable models looks the same regardless of the render engine they are used in.
I've been finding that in Corona, and a lot of other engines, that they appear way too shiny compared to Blender (Which I'm using as a reference point as the models look fine in Cycles).

My solution has been to multiply the refl/spec map by a facing falloff and as you can see from the results above, it's worked well.

However, it occurs to me if I'm having to do this step in a lot of the major render engines, including Redshift, that there may be an issue with the workflow used to create the maps.

Has anyone got any thoughts on this? Would multiplying the refl/spec map be a fairly typical thing to have to do? Below is an example of the node setup I've used in Arnold

Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.