Author Topic: Creating 3D dome with different layers and using interactive model in website  (Read 628 times)

2018-06-28, 13:51:43


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Hello, I would like to get your opinions of how you would make this kind of job. I need to create a dome with different layers, a client will be able to choose from different options directly on website using an interactive model and create his own final product. Also the model must be fully rendered (with textures, shadows, reflections) - how would you do this?  Example: - click on one of those buttons "Configure now" to understand my question.

Thank you

2018-06-28, 14:08:14
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Looks like that site is using Sketchfab. It's basically a real-time renderer which you can embed on web pages, so you could do exactly that that site does and export to Sketchfab. Corona wouldn't play much of a part in the equation in such a case, since Sketchfab renders the model itself (not sure if there are ways to bake lighting from a Max scene into Sketchfab models or not, from my limited experience with it some years ago, it was all rendered in Sketchfab and basically only texture maps in the materials were exported).

If you wanted actual Corona renders, then it would come down to producing as many as you need, and having some web application to handle displaying them (for example, see the blog article for a configurator that used actual final Corona renders rather than any sort of real-time rendering)

2018-06-29, 12:39:50
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Yes, website in OP's link, uses sketchfab for their configurator. You would need to get sketchfab premium plan for that. And yes, it is possible to bake Corona lighting and shadows, but not reflections and use it in sketchfab viewer. Keep in mind that Corona's support for texture baking is still limited and certain things cannot be baked yet.

By the way, sketchfab introduced screen space reflections support quite recently and it works pretty good - worth to try.
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