Author Topic: VRayObjectID/aliased masks in Corona?  (Read 655 times)

2018-03-08, 14:36:12


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Hey guys,

I'd need to get masks that are aliased from Corona.
Used to Vray and since we switched I'd need to get the same thing out of corona but not sure how to.
Basically the most important is to get aliased mask out of Corona based on object IDs.
Even better would be to get a pass that has all the objects IDs with individual colors corresponding to IDs (always the same so it works on any project) exactly the same as what the VRayObjectID does.
If that's not possible and we need to go with multiple passes with RGB masks, I'll have to bite the bullet, but at least I need to get my masks aliased and not anti-aliased.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


2018-03-08, 15:29:37
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You can globally disable AA using this string option:
bool shading.enableAa = false
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