Author Topic: Deadline include Maps option : Sorry... Off topic a little  (Read 763 times)

2018-01-09, 23:09:50


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I am trying to get into the Deadline forum, but if anyone knows that would be awesome

Backburner has an "Include Maps" options to avoid network issues on slave machines, would anyone know if Deadline can do that and what they call it  / how you access it?

2018-01-10, 08:44:11
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To be honest, I'm always surprised to see people relying on such an option. IMO network rendering is much more efficient when assets (maps, proxies, whatever) are centralized in only one place on the network (NAS, file server ...), that any machine can access. UNC paths all the way and we NEVER have any network issues with slaves ...
Nicolas Caplat
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