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[Max] Feature Requests / Re: Improved Corona Scatter
« on: 2021-09-30, 09:07:15 »
Hi, we would like to look into the Forest pack issues during v8 development, however at this point unfortunately I can't really promise how much we'll be able to fix.

And yes, we're also planning some improvements for the scatter in v8. Is there some specific feature that you would find useful in corona scatter?

Hi, FYI, the v7 final has already been released + we release v7 hotfix 1 over a month ago. I definitely suggest using v7 hotfix 1 over v7 RCs. The RCs are pre-release development builds, which are not recommended for use in production.

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: wrong ram used information
« on: 2021-09-15, 09:06:07 »
Hi, this is actually kinda both correct and wrong at the same time :) When we talk about used or available memory, it's never entirely correct to deal with just one number.

The values shown in the DR server as X/Y mean:
X - commit size - how much memory did all the running applications request from the operating system (you can see this number as the valluée in your task manager screenshot)
Y - how much installed physical RAM you have (you can see this number in the upper right corner of your task manager)

The commit size is usually higher than the actual memory usage, because an application can request memory and not use it. Also on the other hand due to swap files, the system can actually provide more memory to the applications that what is the actual installed RAM size.

See our RAM FAQ for more details.

However I agree that for this reporting in the DR server UI, it would probably make more sense to display the actual memory used by the applications and not just how much memory was requested.

I need to batch convert a few thousand of assets.
When I run corona converter, there is no script output.
How can I use the corona converter to do the work for me? It's an insane amount of work for handwork.

I think it wouldn't really be a problem to modify the script so that it's easier to use from some scripting environment instead of the GUI. Could you please describe your requirements in more detail? What exactly do you need the script to output?

Is the corona converter open-source/on git somewhere? How can I access it & configure & run it?


Ok as far as I can tell original author released source, but since Corona picked it up is no longer open source?! Why, ffs. Why is it not open so people can use it on bigger projects ?!

Ok found it, glad its public and not private bs! YAy! off to batch my scenes >.> tia!

The converter script is still open source. Although it's a bit hidden in v7. You can find it in C:\Program Files\Corona\Corona Renderer for 3ds Max\YYYY\Scripts (you can also get this scripts path by using the getScriptsDirectory maxscript function).

The size of memory plays a role only when you don't have enough of it. If your scene (and all other programs you're running at the same time) fits in the available memory, there should be absolutely no difference between various RAM sizes.

There are other factors which come in play, because I guess the two builds you mention are not exactly identical. For example the RAM in the 96 GB build might be running on lower frequency or be configured in a way that not all the CPU memory channels are used. And that's talking just about memory, there can be many other factors affecting computer performance, not just hardware, but also any currently running software as well.

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Distributed rendering
« on: 2021-07-26, 09:16:36 »
- is there a setting somewhere to include, or not, the maps when sending out the job to the render nodes ?

Why do you need this? Do you have some problems when some files are transferred when they're not needed (e.g. they're available on some shared drive)?

- would it be possible to send over the calculated data from the render nodes "over the fly", and not at the end of the render in order to speed to the compilation of the render data ?

It already works this way. In the DR settings we have Synchronization interval (defaults to 60 seconds) and Max pixels to transfer at once (defaults to 3 millions). DR slave sends its in-progress data whenever either of these limits is reached. If the master receives data from a slave only at the end of the rendering, this means that the slave rendered for less than 60 seconds and also rendered fewer than 3M pixels, before the master ended the render.

Don't worry, it doesn't mean that we're scrapping this. During v8 planning, we just decided that it isn't really a trello-grade feature :)

Ryuu, can you confirm that haze/areial perspective will behave similarly to the previously posted video from V-Ray, i.e. it will affect colours of the distance objects and not only just a sky itself?

Yes, haze affects everything in the scene, not just the background.

As for aerial perspective - would it be possible to not affect the HDRI itself? Just the geometry in the scene.

At this point there is no option to exclude the background and we're not planning to add that in v7.

There has also been a note/question about the haze in the new sky model that has kinda been lost in the previous discussion.

This is something that is already implemented in the model, but unfortunately we have found some bugs in the implementation, just before we released the updated model in the daily builds. So for the time being we have hidden this feature from the UI, with plan to add it back in later builds when it's fixed. This is also the reason why it was ticked as done on trello and then unticked again.

Hello everyone, sorry that we had to delay the new tone mapping until Corona Renderer 8. Unfortunately, we have grossly underestimated the amount of groundwork we would need for this task. The biggest things, for example:
  • Making the tone mapping pipeline configurable basically means completely redoing the way we handle tone mapping in Corona. Unfortunately, it is tightly bound to lots of code in both Corona itself and our 3ds Max plugin, which needed lots of changes and tweaking.
  • At the same time, we're currently in the middle of switching to a new UI framework. On one hand, this will have lots of benefits in the future because with the current framework, we sometimes need to spend a huge amount of time to work around some bugs or unimplemented features. On the other hand, there is always a learning curve when you start using some new tool, and unfortunately, we have underestimated how much that will impact our work on this task.
Several times we were at the stage where it looked like we would need just 2-3 more weeks to finish this task, only to hit some road block which delayed us for another week or two, if we wanted to do things properly instead of just quickly hacking some workaround that would just bite us in the ass further down the line. Unfortunately, we're still in a similar stage, and so we were faced with a tough decision where all the options would lead to a disappointment:
  • We could just delay the V7 release for a few weeks, put the team in an extended crunch mode and rush the code to make it into the V7 release. This way, however we wouldn't have enough time for polishing both the UI and functionality based on your feedback. We would also be asking to have to do a V7 hotfix just for fixing the bugs introduced during this rush.
  • We could delay this for V8, releasing it in the first few V8 daily builds, and then have the whole V8 release cycle for polishing and implementing even more new tone mapping operators based on your feedback.
Going with the first option would probably be good only as an excuse for ticking off the "done" checkbox on Trello while not really having any benefit for you. For that reason, we have decided to delay this feature for V8. We're planning a bigger post with further explanation & some video/pictures showing the current state of the new pipeline.

Just one note about the amount and importance of new features - please keep in mind that some things that might seem small and really unimportant to you may be essential for someone else, and it may have been something that was preventing them from using some feature in Corona (or using Corona at all). This discussion is a good example of that, where some of you are understandably disappointed that we had to delay the new tone mapping for V8, while others don't mind or even think that this feature is not needed at all. There have been many more bugfixes, optimizations and features done in V7 than what is shown in the Trello board and we'll be updating the board later today with some other bigger items.

P.S. Sorry for this being announced just by moving the tonemapping card on Trello. I wanted to move the card today along with some explanatory post here on the forum, unfortunately, the Trello board got updated prematurely due to some miscommunication.

after working with corona7 now for a while, i find it a bit odd, that you named the old/standard corona-material into CoronaLegacyMtl.
I constanlty run into errors with various scripts etc, that won't recognise coronaphysicalMtl which might became the new standard.

would prefer also for compatibility issues, that the old material would still be named without "legacy" ... as the differentiation is already done with the addition of "physical"...

Well, one of the reasons we chose to rename the materials was to prevent confusion :)

We renamed the old material to legacy to make it explicit in the UI that this is something that shouldn't be used in new projects and might be removed some time in the future. On the other hand the material should still be accessible from maxscript using the old CoronaMtl name. If you have some script that should work with the legacy material and doesn't work anymore, please send us the script and we'll take a look.

For similar reason we chose to name the new material CoronaPhysicalMtl instead of just reusing the CoronaMtl name to avoid any confusion with legacy scripts, tutorials, screenshots, etc. which would now refer to the new material which looks and behaves different.

[Max] General Discussion / Re: corona 7 where is to install
« on: 2021-05-13, 15:09:59 »
Just FYI, in last daily build (released this Monday) we added a warning that you're overwriting a scene that was previously saved in stable version with daily build. To prevent exactly this case of problems from happening.

Hardware / Re: Need help choosing a processor
« on: 2021-05-03, 08:31:36 »
Hi, although it's a bit outdated at this point, the Corona Benchmark results are probably still the best comparison for performance with Corona:

Just keep in mind that the first few entries are usually heavily overclocked, so you usually want to take the results from somewhere in the middle.

You can just drag & drop the color from one slot to the other. It works even between different 3ds Max sessions and between CIE and 3ds Max (both ways). Does this solve your case?

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Corona for 3Ds MAx 2022
« on: 2021-03-25, 10:57:17 »
Yeah, that one is not supposed to work :) v6 Hotfix 1 had support only for 2022 Beta that was current at the time of hotfix release.

We're planning to release v6 Hotfix 2 with support for Max 2022 release proper. There is no specific time frame for that, but it should be done within a week or two.

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