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[Max] General Discussion / 1.0 Demo and network rendering
« on: 2015-03-02, 19:37:57 »
I have a project done on .7 and have installed the demo. While I wait for corporate approval, is there any way to render over the network with the demo or should I revert back to .6 while I wait?

I have a project that renders fine on my local machine but is totally blown out when I send it to render on the network.
Using the .72 version that is the open beta on Max 2015.
Stills render fine on the network, the blow out happens only when rendering a sequence.

I might go EXR based on recommendations from the forum, but wanted to ask.

I have had issues with two types of 16 or 32 bit colour capable files when using render elements.

48 Million color PNG's corrupt

and 16 or 32 bit Tiffs save as greyscale randomly.

Not sure if the last one is Corona or Max 2015.

[Max] I need help! / Render Passes: Object ID
« on: 2014-08-11, 21:53:50 »
I am trying to replicate Object ID's like I normally would in Max, but the workflow I am trying to use with Corona seems to be wrong, guessing user error:)

I set up Object ID's on all geometry, but the objects I gave identical ID's still come out with different colours in the ID pass no matter the option I choose with in the Cmasking_ID element.

Is there something obvious I am missing?

Using Alpha 7.1

Gallery / Corona Medical Animation
« on: 2014-07-30, 19:12:17 »
This was the first animation done using Corona render at my office.
Another Candidate for SSS :)

Work in Progress/Tests / WIP Renders
« on: 2014-07-30, 18:28:54 »
I haven't submitted any images so far, I have attached some that I have been making with Corona.

I noticed a build with SSS is out.
Would love to get a hold of it to add that shader to the brain and heart is these images :)

When outputting render elements with Png's set to 48 trillion colours, the files are getting corrupted.
I have moved over to  32 bit tiff's for now.

I have 2 files so far where I duplicated Corona lights. With Alpha .7 and .7.1
When I try to load the files now, made with apha 6, the file crashes.

I found out it was duplicated / copied Corona lights, instanced or copied.

I figured it out by merging everything with and without the lights and then bringing in, via merge, the lights one by one.
When the copied lights are merged, Max 2015 Crashes.
Files opened normally, via file open, will crash is a copied light exists.
Merge was my workaround.
Happens pretty much every time I copy a light in a file and save and reload.
Mike K

I am saving out 48 trillion color PNG's in the render passes, using only Corona render passes.
I am getting two oddities with this file.
The PNG's are saving corrupt so I have to save manual from the Corona Frame buffer, and the Z Depth saves completely incorrectly.
I have attached some images here to look at.

The broken PNG's are all 26K, so guessing they are just not saving anything.

Double posted, hoping to get an answer quick :)

I opened my PC today and the Corona Alpha 5 was installed, but the renderer is missing. re-installed again, still not showing up, I have used the installer and the stand alone unnpack and install manually, and it still won't show up.
Anyone have any idea why this is happening?

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Hidden lights answered
« on: 2013-07-04, 15:50:26 »
RTFM Answered this question :)

Mike K

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