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Please, see this video.

Is this normal?
Also I find it strange that when doing save-all, the render corresponding to Beauty doesn't have the lightmix settings applied on it.

Using Corona 5, 3ds Max 2020, Windows 10.


Hardware / PC freezing
« on: 2020-05-07, 19:51:40 »

Since I installed my new ryzen 3950x in my existing build I had several Windows freeze while rendering and opening Chrome. It completely freezes the computer and I have to press the reset button.
It doesn't happen often, but I'm concerned.

Do you see anything out of the normal in the attached measurements by ryzen master?

Hardware / RAM prices and coronavirus?
« on: 2020-04-08, 02:13:24 »
Does anyone know if this is a good or bad time to buy RAM? I really wasn't paying attention to pricing so I don't know if timing is good or bad.


Any tests done with the new materials?
It's pretty impressive how they behave in the viewport.

[Max] Resolved Feature Requests / New standalone = keyshot?
« on: 2020-03-28, 19:34:21 »
Is the idea of the new standalone to make a keyshot workflow??


I'm attaching here a GIF showing the difference in brightness between the render as shown in the VFB vs in Photoshop (or regular image viewer from windows). BUT in windows "photos" there's no difference with VFB.
In the VFB it's brighter or higher exposure.

Any ideas why?
Could it be a color profile issue?

Using: Corona 5, Max 2020.3, Windows 10
Gamma in 3Ds Max is at its default of 2.2


Is there an option to keep the rendered image in the viewport after stopping it?
Currently the Corona logo shows up.


I think Vray has this option to render where the mouse pointer is.

Now that I have a 32 inch  monitor I'm using the in-viewport IR. It's great.
It'd be nice to have the option to have a check box that, when checked, it renders just a certain radius under the mouse pointer.

[Max] Feature Requests / Proxy viewport method: plane
« on: 2019-12-11, 17:21:32 »
It would be nice to have a plane as an option for how it displays on the viewport when converting an object to a proxy.


Could anyone tell me please why the attached scene has so much noise?


EDIT: 3Ds Max 2016 and Corona 5, on Windows 10.

Hi there.

As it is now, Corona's portals introduce more noise than regular lights. And I was wondering why?
Could we have portals that gather the average of light behind them and cast it just like a light, also blocking any other light by treating the portal geometry as opaque for other light sources?

In a common case:
I have a medium size window. If I put a rectangular light mimicking the skylight I get almost no noise. If instead I use a Corona sun with corona sky, or an HDRI, I get tons of noise. Even when adding a portal to the window, the noise is very noticeable.
So could we have a portal that just gathers the average intensity and color of the light behind it, and casts it forward like a regular light?


Hi all,

Is this the correct behavior for "color" in Corona light material when "occlude other lights" is off?
I could swear that color was only affecting color and intensity, not opacity, in previous versions.

So, what you're seeing in this image is a gray color for "color". As you can see the sample turns transparent.


With a standard bitmap node I can use a float to control both U and V offsets of a map.
Is that possible with coronaBitmap?
Please, see attached.


Am I missing something?
See attached video please.

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