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Hi there,

I was wondering if now a days there's anything better than displacement.
Maybe a feature I'm not aware of...
Specifically I need to create wood siding in a house.
Like for example this:


[Max] I need help! / Add samples to sky/portals
« on: 2016-05-07, 00:48:03 »

Is there a way to increase the samples for the sky?
Even with sky portals it seems that it adds noise to the scene and cannot get rid of it after multiple passes. I tried in multiple scenes.
Glass is thin.



I've been rendering an image for many hours. The indirect light pass has lots of noise and it's not going to disappear, ever.
Is it possible to change the settings (not sure what), and resume the render to correct that noise?

FYI: The render is mostly dark, with dark textures and materials.


Is corona compatible with max 2017 or we would need to wait for a new version?

[Max] I need help! / Fireflies case
« on: 2016-02-23, 15:40:38 »
Hi there.

I found that the 2 sinks made of glass were causing fireflies on several areas in the render.

Do you know why? I kind-of need those sinks made of glass...

Please see below the "before" with the glass sinks and the "after" without the sinks.


On the documentation it says "To resize it, simply resize the VFB window", refering to the interactive frame buffer.

I can shrink it up to a certain point, but it won't let me go under about 450px.
Is this correct?

Hi there,

I'm new to Corona.
Las night I was rendering a scene and this morning there was no sign that 3ds max was ever open.

Is there a way to save or auto-save the rendering in progress, so if Max crashes you can open that file and continue rendering from where it left of?

If this was discussed before, a hint on what thread to read would be apreciated.


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