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I am having problems with this plugin too, and was wondering if there are any news / changes about the plugin. It successfully exports for me, however the html shows a black page. Anyone still using the plugin?
Try opening the html with a different browser. I find that not all browsers work with this plugin.

Gallery / Re: 2230 Cropsey Ave
« on: 2020-08-06, 19:36:25 »

Gallery / 2230 Cropsey Ave
« on: 2020-08-06, 19:35:20 »

Very nice, though I feel Ursula's room would be purple and black, not so much blue. Though I suppose that would compete with Maleficent's room.

Gallery / Re: Sticks'N'Sushi Restaurant
« on: 2020-01-31, 23:28:47 »
Fantastic images and atmosphere.

Couldn't you just change the map preview/background settings in a new max.start file?

From what I recall bump/displacement only works in the base layer, so you have to overlay all maps there. Unless that got fixed....

Ivy maybe?

Good Luck
Well hot damn that was it. Thankfully I have all my Ivy on its own layer, turned the layer off and it works just fine. Will try your method as well. Thanks.

[Max] I need help! / IR window refreshes if mouse is moved
« on: 2020-01-16, 16:23:38 »
Very annoying. Any slight move of the mouse causes the window to refresh and start over. How does one fix this?
Using Corona 5, Win 7 Pro.

Hardware / Re: PC cases talk
« on: 2020-01-09, 17:39:14 »
I've only used Cooler Master cases for the last 10 years, don't find others much better for the price point. Also don't care for anything fancy like lights or glass side panel, just give me a sturdy case with good airflow and such.
Eventually will have to look at what's available when the new Threadripper is out for my future build.

2014 is still the most stable to me, but I currently use 2017.

2016 crashed too frequently and had many bugs so I went back to 2014. Then updated to 2017 and have stayed with that as it has been pretty stable. Tried 2018 and it feels very sluggish compared to 2017. Haven't bothered with anything else, but might try 2020 now...

Gallery / Re: Street culture Artist office
« on: 2019-12-06, 01:54:14 »
These are wonderful.

General CG Discussion / Re: Siger Studio crashes max
« on: 2019-12-06, 00:42:30 »
Email/message Siger. I had the same issue and he emailed me some files to put in the folder that were missing from the install, which fixed the problem.

Off-Topic / Re: Architecture type/style?
« on: 2019-11-25, 23:20:49 »
Seems like a type you'd find in New Mexico/Arizona in the US, or close to/in Mexico/South America. You could avoid gutters and just use scuppers with downspouts.

This is great to know, would you prefer models to come separated so its easier to modify, instead of having to break apart by element of polygon id etc? What is your most ideal situation when modifying models to suit your needs?
Typically I model objects with a layer-material hierarchy, so each object is on its own layer. Say for example a window: The mullions are their own layer, the glass another, the gaskets another, and so on. I then select all objects by layer and assign the designated material. I'm not saying that's the right or best way, but it works for me. Setting up a multi-sub material isn't a big deal when various objects are joined as one mesh either. I try to keep things as simple as possible, but as long as a single mesh object is organized well (between the mat IDs/elements, etc), then it's all good.
Hi steyin.

Thank you for your response. Are there any types of models that you often can't find or find with good quality? How does it look like for Corona?

So far I thought that the only industry which uses ready-made models is archivis. Are you guys here on forums using them for different kinds of projects?
I'm primarily arch-viz. Things I'd like to see more of would be curtain/window wall models (SSG, unitized, traditional, etc) with different window types (hopper, casement, pivot, etc). Sometimes it's also hard to find specific things, like say wall outlets (American), wall mounted or free standing standpipes, etc. I also find that a lot of models are just over-priced. I understand the time and care that goes into a detailed asset, but sometimes paying hundreds of dollars just for a single detailed car or small group of trees, or something similar is ridiculous to me. I feel you'd make more money charging less for a bigger grouping of assets. A lot of stuff nowadays is Corona ready so no worries there, but its still easy to just convert from VRay if need be.

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