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I wouldn't over-complicate it with gamma?

That being said: Some combination of MultiMap plugged into the UVW?

Or do a floor-gen on the object (so long as it's a flat surface, probably isn't?) and do a multimap onto that?

Its swagged fabric for large canvas tents like circus tents so im trying to get it to look slightly patchy so floorgen just wouldnt work.
I cant see a way that multimap would be able to provide randomisation to normal tiling as there isnt a mode for it which is why i wonder about the OSL route but i have no idea how much of OSL corona supports.

I want to add a bit pf patchy variation across a fabric surface to simulate panels stitched together. Im looking for a way either with corona or some OSL shaders that would let me randomise the gamma of a single tiling bitmap so every time it tiles its slightly different. Has anyone got any ideas on how this might be achieved?

I sort of assume that the dev team is *always* looking for ways to increase rendering speeds for Corona Renderer, but there is a lot on their plate at the moment - especially with tonemapping on the docket, etc. - so I assume rendering speed gets deprioritized from time to time, as development goes.

Is it fair to say that there is a particular feature(s) that is really at the core of the dev team's focus for Corona Renderer 8?

Ive wondered the same thing on occasion. I would hope that speed increases are sometimes lower down the list than new features that make artists lives easier or increase productivity. The amount of time that passes between major versions of corona isnt enough for there to be much significant increase in hardware capability except by throwing more processor cores at it *Coughs in AMD* so all of the speed improvements are going to need to be through grinding away at the codebase which i imagine takes alot of dev time. Features that reduce the complexity of scene setup (decals being one of them) are always great too and im excited to see what comes of that.

Id personally rather see a new feature that makes another area of the production process easier and faster and more flexible so maybe the speed increase isnt as necessary. Like lightmix layers for textures and materials. A small speed increase wouldn't matter there because if you only have to render once to be able to get multiple versions of a render, you're saving time by not having to render over and over again. Theres your speed increase. Same goes for decals. Using complex layered materials is incredibly slow and from my experience drastically affects viewport performance. so the decal system will provide a secondary speed increase in that part of the pipe just by existing.

In my opinion id love to see users stop focussing on and voting for increasing the speed of rendering and start recognising at the bigger picture of the volume and flexibility of work we can produce with the tools available or with with one click of the render button.

Yep, this has been requested before. We understand that it would be useful, but it does not appear to be a very high priority item. Right now the solution would be to use production rendering for production renders. :)

(Report ID=CRMAX-843)

Id like to understand why this isnt a priority item given that dozens and dozens of users have requested this same feature for about 5 years. Its without a doubt the most irritating thing about IR.

[Max] Feature Requests / Lock IR window size
« on: 2021-08-15, 21:55:30 »
Im aware this has been requested dozens of times over the last 5 or so years but has never made its way into a release or even onto the Trello for some reason.
I cant be the only person using a 4k monitor here and im sure we all have the same problem with IR where it accidentally resizes itself to full screen.
Its insanely irritating and id love to finally see something done about it in the next version.

A simple lock window size button would solve a problem many many users here have complained about for years of the IR window randomly resizing itself when interacting with it.
The links below are just a few of the requests. The last link is four pages of +1s from 2017 so its clearly a needed feature by some of the most vocal users on here.

this sure seems like a popular topic... ;)

I followed up in the same thread asking if it would be in V4 and the thread got posts over the next 3 years but 4 versions later its still being requested.
C4D appears to have a 'max IR resolution' feature already. Why not max?

Just this week someone has requested the same thing and was told it isnt a priority feature.
It would be great if this could become a priority 'small annoying thing' fix and make its way into the next version :)

Im aware its early days for the service but im wondering if theres any update as to when/if we might see integration with chaos cloud on the horizon?
Im guessing it would be part of a major release at some point in future but is there anything you can tell us about any goals you have for when you might be looking to integrate?

Im excited to not have to deal with the quirks and lack of standardization across different render farms and just having something natively will be a huge quality of life improvement!


It will be a Corona feature just like Corona AO.

Sorry yes thats what i meant but would it fulfil the same purpose as i described above? i.e. would you be able to derive different channels from the single map as in concave/convex?

+1 for this. If it does happen also please have a portrait/landscape switch too :)

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2021-08-06, 16:58:00 »
Since there is so much to implement, I would like to know, what do you want the most.

Everyone has multiple votes, so you cannot simply check everything ;). Choose wisely. I'll use the results as a guideline to what is needed the most.

.mtl support or plugin! and a better material converter.

Arent .mtl files just holding standard materials for an obj? or has there been some format development i missed? Max supports mtl natively. As for the material converter if theres an issue youre probably best posting in the dedicated thread

I noticed on the trello a mention of a curvature map. Would this just be a native equivalent to using the data channel to generate the vertex colour map?


Agree. Decals look like they could be a big time saver. I'm also dealing wit huge layered materials and having to do some repeating patterns on a rug in Photoshop, and hoping they will fit just right when on the fabric.

Huge time saver. Adding seams to fabric is going to be fantastic. Adding dirt and grime and imperfection too. Painted signage, window graphics, stickers etc. The possibilities are endless and its one of those features that just means the tools dont get in the way of the creativity.

@Ondra it would be amazing if decals could also be used to purely displace the underlying material (for seams on fabric, injection moulding marks and logos for product viz, embossed surfaces etc)

We tried, but the thing is that no matter how much we stress it, some people just cannot read. We just cannot announce "we would like to try these things for v8" becasue of this :/. Still even after something is on shortlist the continuing demand may play a role if we need to make a decision what to boot from the next release, so dont hesitate to support your favorite feature.

That makes sense and it is a shame. What i mean was more like maintaining the existing list of potential future ideas without saying what is coming and when. Just keep everything in that so at least people can see that its on your teams radar as an idea.  Maybe even a locked thread in the feature requests board so people know to check that first to see if someone else has posted an idea and youre already considering it.

Plus surprises are always nice :)

If i could vote decals three times i would :D Though the lightmix for materials would be an absolute game changer given no other renderer has the feature. It would almost certainly corner the interiors market. I imagine that would be a huge undertaking though.

Yes indeed, but try to put yourself in devs' shoes, how would you feel by having to read and address constant attacks about failed expectations, slow development, damage from merging with Chaos group, etc. It would be really sad and disappointing, should the team cease releasing public daily builds and would leave testing for selected trusty insiders. Instead they decided to tame expectations by limiting release of information on the roadmap. Maybe that's even better - now we'll more frequently get pleasant surprises along the way.

Its probably a good idea to maintain a list of features that are on the dev radar and then jusct cross them off as they get released rather than promising  per release.
That way at least users can see if an idea is being considered before posting the request.


There might or might not be something done, but sadly because some of the users cannot understand that a feature might get postponed when unexpected complications occur, we will generally announce only features that are fully done ;)

Very much looking forward to heavily beta testing it if it makes it into the dailies. Ive got such a need for this over the next few months and currently im having to make gigantic layered materials.

This issue made it more complicated for me, at times, but not sure if it has been resolved.

Wasnt there some discrepancy between how the inverted image looked in photoshop vs in max?

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