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is that 0.5 GB after compression? Usually it compresses well

Also we can probably fix this even without trying running without vray, I was just asking because it would help us speed the process up.

You deleting the minidump does the exact opposite.

there is an exception originating in vray, can you try uninstalling/disabling vray to see if it helps?

Can we get some info on the Decals?
How will they work or is it too early to tell?
They are an object you apply a material with opacity mask to, that is it. No additional setup necessary

There are usually some features being developed for further releases at the end of one cycle, this is definitely not the first time ;).

This time the timing was just right, if this was finished before the release, I would intentionally not publish it, because it would confuse people looking for this in v7

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2021-07-19, 11:59:32 »
Tell me somebody please, how the voting works? Geo Pattern like tool is on the second/third place by voting and it is not in the plans for 8 version of Corona. Why and what is the point of voting?
this is one of the (main) sources we consider when deciding what to schedule for next version, but there are also many other factors such as individual customers stories, time complexities, new research coming up, needs for internal changes, ecoystem considerations, etc.

Just to add to the 'mapping should look identical years later', something interesting happened to me recently.
I rendered some initial images for a client. Quite a few materials used noise maps for different material properties. Then, my son wanted to install minecraft on my workstation, I hesitated but finally agreed - I knew I was asking for trouble and I got what I deserved.
The next time I rendered the same images - exactly the same file - all noises had a different look, like their seed has changed. ALL of them.
It wasn't too critical since it wasn't a final. But whatever caused it, must have been caused by installing other software on the machine, Max and Corona were not touched in any way.
Max noise is horrible and uses rand() feature
rand() is horrible by design and should not be used
Old Microsoft C++ implementations were horrible and it is not entirely out of question that the installer installed over the redistributables with another version that had different implementation of rand()

I recommend watching the daily builds section on this forum if you want to watch it daily, there is more detailed progress posted there

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2021-06-14, 17:35:12 »
It was already done with Motiva Colimo, but of course it can be only approximate, so we cannot guarantee how close the result will look to reference. With lightmix for lights exact match is possible. Still it could be useful. I want to know how many people would like this if it was possible to do in useful way

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2021-06-14, 16:17:43 »
Would this "Lightmix extended to materials, textures, ..." allow you to actually change the texture and material settings from the VFB? Or it would be more like cryptomatte?
We would try this but cannot promise any results, it might end up being impossible

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2021-06-14, 14:23:43 »
In anticipation of the next version I removed PBR material (coming in v7) and tone mapping improvements (coming early in v8 daily builds). Also added some new stuff and reset the votes. Go ahead and vote for the next release cycle

Well, he was out of place. I hope I wasn't, and if I was I apologize.
Corona is truly great and everyone here I'm sure wishes the absolute best to the dev team.
I just can't wait to see new things.
You and everyone are welcome to participate, criticize, praise, and comment on Corona. The discussion just needs to stay pleasant ;)

I removed the last iteration of the endless and tiring discussion. Bluebox clearly does not want to listen to anybody with different opinion and keeps being shitty and condescending to them, so I had to ban him.

Then why do you keep telling us how to run our business?
I'm not. If anything it's wishful thinking.

Well, there is bunch of stuff like this:
A waste of talent IMO.
I once went from being a creative to being management and was a huge mistake, and very hard to go back while in the same company.
I really hope you can convince yourself to go back to programming full time.

If client demanded to see how many artists worked on renders and what is their seniority, I would show him the doors SO FAST.
Very different than what happens in corporate america.
Indeed, but if you prefer corporate PR, I can recommend some excellent renderers developed in corporate america :D

The last part was not specifically meant for you, but in general. There will be always releases that add features  that you like and releases that target other users. We are developing Corona with tens of thousands of people in mind, and Corona can never go back to "we have 100 users that we target and adding features is easy because it does not need to be compatible with any existing component". If you are not OK with this deal, it is best to move on. We aim to satisfy most people, but cannot please everybody

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