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[Max] Tutorials & Guides / Render an isometric Retro Diner
« on: 2021-06-18, 15:37:27 »

I just launched my first course on Udemy on how to render one of my scenes (an isometric 'Retro Diner') in Autodesk #3dsmax and #coronarender. It's a course for beginners, but I also focus on the LightMix feature in Corona quite a lot.
It would be great if you could check it up! Your feedback would be highly appreciated!

Here it is for free (only for 3 days) with this coupon code: A2DA3964EEFC87BE8469


Gallery / Studio
« on: 2021-03-20, 17:04:37 »
An exercise for mood, colour and composition. Thanks for viewing

Gallery / Chemistry lab
« on: 2020-03-06, 12:06:53 »
Hi everyone,
here's an image I did being inspired by an old black and white picture I saw in a science documentary. My intention was only to capture that certain atmosphere so I used lots of Evermotion models but also some I modeled myself in 3ds max and Marvelous designer. For the textures I only used photoshop and Corona.

Thanks for viewing

Gallery / set design - saturated colours
« on: 2020-01-19, 19:00:59 »
Hi all, I would like to share some explorations I did lately around set design with very saturated colours. The challenge was - still looks realistic or not at this level of saturation. I don't know... so comments are welcome. Thanks.

Gallery / study of clothsim
« on: 2019-12-05, 12:37:23 »
A little study of clothsim in marvelous designer +3ds max and corona

Gallery / kitchen scene re-render in corona 5
« on: 2019-11-07, 12:37:07 »
Hi guys,

I re-rendered one of my scenes with corona 5, using 2maps environment and played more with the lightmix. I didn't use postproduction at all. I've posted both versions to see the difference.

This is the thread where you can find this scene for free download.

Thanks for viewing

Gallery / abstract experiments
« on: 2019-11-01, 23:00:05 »
Hi guys,

would like to share some of the experiments i did this summer with corona caustics and other stuff.


Hi guys,
did some experiments to test caustics with Corona4 for 3ds max and got lots of fireflies. After many hours of rendering but on a relatively old machine - on an i7 -4770K CPU @ 3.50GHz, AMD graphics... tried rendering these crazy comps on 4k resolution and on 2k in to see what happens. Even at under 2% noise the fireflies were still there.

I posted this here and on corona group on fb and Thomas M. Grimes gave me the idea to share the scene here for everybody to take a look or play with it and give some feedback or notice problems or whatever. quote: "If all else fails, you can post over on the forums and share the scene with us for devs and support to take a look " - so please find attached the maxfile (made in 2018 but saved in 2016) version and the HDRI is here - 08-08_Sunset_E


Hi guys,

I'm giving away for free a practice/exercise scene. Please find the scene at this thread:



Gallery / FREE exercise scene in 3ds max and Corona
« on: 2019-05-20, 15:01:12 »
Hi guys,

This is a practice/exercise scene I made after a reference photo I found on instagram and I'm posting it for free. I focused mostly on the lighting, used corona portals, corona sun, corona lights and light materials. Also focused on metal materials, used corona layered materials and AO maps as masks.

You can find the link to download here:

The folder contains the 3ds max file, the maps, the marvelous designer files, the reference pics and the final render and renders passes. If you have any questions please let me know.



Work in Progress/Tests / Practice scene
« on: 2019-05-17, 14:27:43 »
Hi guys,

I've made this scene for fun but also to practice some corona stuff I haven't used before. So, I found this pic on instagram and I wanted to make it 3d.

OK, so my aim was to bring it as close as I could to the photo reference but especially the lighting. Now I know there are still a lot of problems there, I keep seeing things I got wrong but for now, I reached a point I need to stand back and look.

Anyway, one issue I want to ask, (for the crucifix up on the wall)- I used the corona displacement modifier (I attached the material I made) and it looks really crappy. One of the previous tests looks even better than the last render. So how do you use it right? Or it depends on the lighting?


Gallery / Down the Rabbit-Hole
« on: 2016-03-13, 23:54:36 »
Hi, I would like to share a little side project I've been working on lately that represents the way I imagine the rabbit hole from the famous story of Alice in Wonderland. I wanted to achieve an unreal dreamy atmosphere and wanted to have a play with the so called "god rays" in Corona. I didn't model much for this scene, most of the models are from Evermotion collections except the "Orange Marmalade" jar and the rabbits gloves and few other small things because the end goal was to focus more on the lighting and atmosphere. Also modelled the base shelves... and used the particle system for the petals falling.
3ds max, marvelous designer, corona, photoshop

Thank you for viewing!

Gallery / Home office scene
« on: 2015-11-16, 11:49:01 »
Hi, this is my first time using Corona and the renders I've done are basically converted from vray and after conversion changed the lighting, some materials and used the photographic exposure. I used Corona sun and one corona light, the artificial light is a max standard.

I still didn't figure out how to use fur in corona. Any suggestions?


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