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[Max] I need help! / Large Carpet
« on: 2021-06-22, 16:29:35 »
Hello All,

I'm trying to re-create this large, wall-to-wall carpet:

I'm stuck on this task. Besides distant full room views, I need to render close-ups as on the picture above. I tried everything - Max Hair, Corona displacement, Corona Scatter. None of these give at least good results.

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance.


I have never had any issue with material editor while working with interactive rendering. But today I got this: "Preview disabled in interactive". See attachment. Am I stupid or what is going on here?

Dear Corona Team,

When working with multiple Lightmix settings, I often switch between configs and often I forget which config is currently loaded. What about adding displaying loaded config name in side panel?

Something like this.


Corona materials library is very useful, but it's quite huge and takes forever to load and render previews. Have you ever considered splitting materials into categories like Hair, Plastics or Wood into separated 3ds max libraries? I'm NOT talking about Corona Material Library but built-in 3ds max Slate Material Editor materials.

That way users would only load materials that they really need. For example, me as product designer, I hardly use roof tiles materials or wall materials or wood siding boards. This would also speed up loading Slate Material Editor and rendering materials previews.

[Max] General Discussion / Corona Loves Comic Sans
« on: 2020-04-01, 12:25:07 »
I was just about to get furious when I run Corona Renderer and this is what hit my eyes:

Then I noted what day is today.

Congrats guys for the April Fools Day joke! :D :D :D


Just noticed that all materials from installed Coronal 5 materials library are double loaded. It looks like the list of materials is loaded twice. When opening/creating scene, material/ map browser needs to load and render all materials which is pretty slow, but in this case it's twice as slow.

Removing materials from the list can only be done item by item, which will take me ages.

I have re-installed Corona 5, reset material/map browser, but it did not help.

Anyone with to how to solve this?


When I want to render 3ds max scene with selected keyframe (one keyframe only), I got error message from Rebus Farm saying that Distributed rendering is not supported for keyframes. I'm using keyframes for rendering single/static images with certain modifications (camera positions, objects positions).

Is there any settings within Corona 4 for 3ds max, to be able to render static keyframes with Rebus Farm?

[Max] I need help! / Translucent Milky Plastic
« on: 2015-05-25, 21:46:41 »

I'm trying to simluate this translucent milky plastic but I'can get similar results. Any idea where to start?

Thank you in advance.

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