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General CG Discussion / Re: Online VR Platform?
« on: 2020-10-26, 05:22:07 »
I use Kuula for the tours, but would love to find something more Matterport-like instead..


Thanks, I've found this card for the NAS:

€100 for a Dell Intel Single Port Copper RJ-45 10Gb PCI-e x8 Network Low Profile NIC

Then someone on amazon answered my Q with this switch which is 2 port:

€287.95 for the ASUS XG-U2008 Unmanaged 2-Port 10G/8-Port Gigabit Switch

  • Would these do the trick?
  • Is the low profile cards the only ones that work in a NAS?
  • Would I need a two 10G port for the NAS for any reason?
  • Will the RJ45 cables that come with the NAS CAT5e work?

1,2) I would check with Synology if the adapter will work. As i understand you already have 10gb for your workstation.  Of course Synology will try to sell their branded adapters for 3x the price but Juraj is right - all adapters pretty much the same. Check the synology forum to see what adapters are tested by the users.
3) 1 is enough.
4) Cat 5e will work if they not too long. Or just get Cat7 on amazon, prices are not that high.

That switch you found will work great if you're sure you will have only one 10gb workstation.  All the nodes will get 1gb which is enough to transfer scenes and assets.

Hardware / Re: xeon v4 cpus
« on: 2018-01-29, 17:16:03 »
Juraj, I tried to PM you but it seems to be blocked - can you PM me?

Hardware / Re: xeon v4 cpus
« on: 2018-01-29, 15:02:36 »
I`m building 3 Xeon Platinum systems atm, waiting for memory as none of our current systems memory don`t work with it. One has C621e mobo, will post oc-ing resaults if any.
Cant wait to hear the o/c results.
Where did you get the C621e mobo? I can't find it anywhere..

Hardware / Re: xeon v4 cpus
« on: 2018-01-29, 05:26:29 »
Do you know when the new gold xeons are going to be available Juraj or anyone?
They are available for a while now. At least Platinums, running a pair of them in my main rig. No overclocking though,  but ASUS may allow some with their C621e Sage m/b - not available yet.

You would need a switch.
Luckily the prices came down a lot lately, here is an affordable 5-port 10gb:
I'm running a Freenas server on 10gb network in my studio and getting consistent 700-800MB/s network read/write speed.  Faster than any sata SSD drive.

I'm using the standard max spot lights with Volume Light effect as a fast alternative to global volume material.
It works great in non-distributed render. But it doesn't work with DR,  main workstation renders it but render nodes are not...
 Is it possible to fix it, or is there a workaround?

Would be great if the installer on the main workstation had an option to deploy Corona on all the render nodes, instead of doing it manually.

Gallery / Re: Impremta Garden (+ breakdowns )
« on: 2017-10-10, 05:11:14 »
where do you usually get the inspirational images for your projects, and for this project in particular?

[Max] Resolved Feature Requests / Updated Corona Benchmark?
« on: 2017-09-26, 05:59:34 »
1.3 benchmark is pretty much obsolete by now, it runs too fast for modern dual xeon systems.
Is it possible to release an updated benchmark based on the upcoming ver.1.7?

I hope maybe now its easier. All-core frequency on my processors is 2.9GHz in Vray vs 2.6GHz in Corona. 

[Max] Resolved Feature Requests / Option to turn off AVX?
« on: 2017-09-19, 02:49:51 »
Does the AVX really brings significant render speed improvement to offset 15-20% lower turbo boost frequency on most Intel CPUs?
Would it be possible to turn the AVX off somehow?
Thank you!

Have you switched from "try to load + append" to "load from file" after calculation the UHD?

General CG Discussion / Re: PS Camera Raw 32bit
« on: 2017-08-31, 03:28:46 »
I contacted Adobe support, they gave me a pre-update version. Reinstalled it, works great.

Do you have any other collections available? I see only Volume.3 on your website.

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