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What is in your view the most effective way to light an interior (light comimg from outside) with sheer curtains in the windows?

They affect the lighting quite a bit (I use the sheer curtain Corona material) and asd greatly to the render time.

I have experimented with selecting the curtain mesh and deselecting "cast shadows" in the object properties.
Or should I render the scene without curtains then the curtains on their own and do some Post?

Also, should the mesh be an actual mesh with volume or just a one-sided plane?

Many thanks


I am using Corona version: 7 (DailyBuild Apr 21 2021)

Recently, my Corona materials show the following error message (see attached). I recently started using Corona 7 Betas.

Do you know the reson for that?

The materials used come from the Corona library.

Thank you

Thank you Tom.


I understand that 4K cache is not ready to be rolled out due to some problems that it may can cause.

But what are they and when is it ok to use it?

Also, what are the main advantages of it? I read that it will eventually replace the UHD cache so that it must do some things well!!!

Thank you


Does the adaptive Environment sampler work if there is no map in the slot it but only a white colour in the color swab?

And would it make any difference if I used a Coronacolor map in the slot instead of the white color?

Thank you

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