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Title: using only DR nodes.
Post by: Naxos on 2020-01-23, 14:33:20
Quite often i need to render large images for a customer, so i switch on my little rfarm and use the DR render.
But while it renders i'm a bit stuck waiting.
I'd like to tell Corona to render only on DR slaves, not on the host PC, so i can switch to another project / scene to go on modeling / shading / rendering locally.
What if you could put a checkbox : "Use local rendering" - ON by default, but when OFF only DR nodes are busy and your main PC fully available.

It was asked once, and one of you guys told me that it would be possible - nor easy - to implement.

Title: Re: using only DR nodes.
Post by: Frood on 2020-01-23, 15:08:24
You could just send the scene to Backburner (with activated DR slaves inside the scene) and that's it. Your box would be entirely available for working on another project. But since this has been already requested multiple times, I assume the feature request is already logged perfectly :)

Good Luck