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[Archive] Chaos Corona for ARCHICAD / Re: Help
« on: 2020-04-02, 17:43:53 »
I have the same issue, I've updated drivers and also tried to install Corona with offline denoiser but it didn't help.

Oh no !

I hope Corona decision is temporary and in near future You will continou working on it - it's worth it !
Meanwhile - good luck !

I think that an architect during his creative process necessarily needs software like Corona even if it does not serve to create high quality photorealistic renders. In a BIM software such as Archicad the focus is on the process of planning, not on the final result of a render. Corona for Archicad must serve architects to give him an instrument that does not exist to date: the perfect calculation of light. Light is the first design tool... light make great architecture, not object, morph tools or high poly trees. In my opinion, this is the added value that Corona can give to architects who have to design and use BIM software to do that.
I agree that to obtain results of the highest photorealism Archicad is not the right environment ... no BIM software would be, and this function must be left to the other software. Corona for AC can give a support that no other software can give at this moment, because Twinmotion or others that simplify the use and creation of the scenes has a very approximate (if not nil) calculation of the GI, fundamental for understanding volumes full and empty space.
I totaly agree with you in most cases, I think the same. We are propably both in those 30 users I mentioned above.

Although, in my opinion, architecture is more than form, light, function etc but also context and human level  - trees are not to make renders nicer but make building sit on it's place and build up the scale. From what I have observed building renders  without surrondings are difficult to accept for clients and generally people.

Questions in my mind are:
Is Corona a tool for finding light and form or for selling projects to a client ?
Will architects buy Corona for AC if is has no scatter and proxy and ability to use them EASILY?
How to make scatter easy ?

Keep healthy !

Hi everybody and Corona Developers,

I'm observing Corona for AC from the beginning and here are some of my thoughts in general:

1. I suggest getting from Graphisoft some precise data on how AC is used - mostly for interior or exteriors?

2. For me doing interiors in AC is a tricky one - the main "core" objects are of course done in AC (walls, windows, floors, wardrobe designs, kitchens etc.) but all "soft" objects just don't work in AC. The reason for that is the performance of the Morph object which can't handle more than around 100 000 faces or makes AC work so slow that further work doesn't make any sense.
All "soft" objects I have to add in other software (like Sketchup) and render there final renders.
So, if you ask me: Do I make interiors in AC? - "Yes" and "no" at the same time! Please watch out on that when asking how AC is used.

3. For me doing exterior renders in AC also does no work for the same reason as in interiors - trees, grass and cars can't be imported to AC mainly because of speed of work.

4. Interiors can't be done with proxy files (this will not make any sense), exterior can be but requires a library of such objects.

5. Architects usually don't have a library of proxy objects.

6. Architects want to put grass, trees and cars quickly into the model without bothering about technical aspects of those objects.

7. Quality of trees is essential. Trees from Twinmotion2020.1 are still so low quality that for me its below being acceptable - Because of that I'm not going to be using this program though its free for AC users now. I can't show to a client a tree looking like toy, even though it has 2-sided leaf material shining in sun.

To get Corona for AC commercially successful:
1. Corona team should consider whether it should focus on interior renders or exterior - I think exterior, because interior will probably never work in AC in a production scale. Interior renders in AC in Corona are of course valuable in early design phase but I can't imagine paining for a render engine to use it only for "test renders".
2. I think AC is mainly used for designing buildings, not interiors. Probably number of potential customers for Corona is definitely bigger in exterior renders.
3. I think Corona team need to focus on a "some-sort-of-proxy-scatter" implementation in AC with a library of objects embedded in Corona. Proxy functionality itself will not work because no one will use it since no architects has proxy files (and probably they will not buy them just because of Corona ability to get them in AC).

Think wide: Give Archicad architects ability to make final renders with all assets, otherwise Corona will be just a tool for making "marvelous quality TEST renders".

Of course, there is going to be several architects and users that will use proxy and render interiors as it is now, but I'm not speaking about 30 indivduals but much more.
Making money for Corona is probably important. Selling 30 (thirty) subscriptions will be easy, selling 30 000 of them will be a huge challenge without a rich proxy library.
Without proxy and scatter for AC Corona is no more than just a next nice render engine for almost useless renders (withut foliage).

The point is that the main problem is not in Corona but in Archicads MORPH tool itself and Corona needs fix it or find a work-around for it to get sold.

PS. Maybe Corona-Mesh-Tool with ability to have millions of poligons in AC ?

I personaly prefer the Corona palette, although propably most of the people are used to the AC palette.
For me the AC palette with it's vertical layout is less user-friendly. Corona is so cool about the ease of use so a modern and cleaner palette might be one of its advantages.
Maybe its a good idea to keep both palettes for a while and consider removing the Corona one when everything works.

When working on a project in Teamwork project, with multiply users, the project is not stored on your hard drive but it is "downloded" from a BIM Server (which usually is a second computer in the office were the BIM Server is installed). So to work one logs into the project, it is dowloaded and You see it in Archicad but You can't edit anything until You select this object and press "Reserve" button in the Teamwork palette.
You also reserve setting dialog, one of them is the Surface Dialog with materials.

If you are work on a standard project (standalone) in AC you will not have those Reserve buttons.

The same for me, crashes all the time.

[Archive] Chaos Corona for ARCHICAD / Re: I love it !!!
« on: 2019-02-07, 17:32:49 »
Top Grey,

Thats a quite complex model. I assume you have most of the things as Morphs. Didn't you have any problems with lags in AC due to complex models and lots of vertexes ?

BTW Nice renders, well done !

The same with me.
It crashes sometimes, even when adding a single light.

[Archive] Chaos Corona for ARCHICAD / Re: Scattering system
« on: 2019-01-14, 16:09:40 »
Just tried, everything seems to work but finally rendering is not generated, only black window is shown.

Raffe, wow !
How did you manage to:
- make a camera in View Map ?
- make Corona Render as the Engine of rendering ?

1. There are no pink hotspot grips in 2D to set direction of the light
2. In 3D it's impossible to make a light shine vertically, like if You would like to make a LED strip on a wall -
For some reason the pink hotspot jumps upwards when middle of the light is on the same level as the hotspot

I think the problem of AC crashing while editing materials is connected with Surface Painter which rerenders material preview balls after editing them and confirming  with the OK button.
Maybe changing the engine of Surface painter material balls preview  to Corona will solve the problem.

I think I've covered most of the listed bugs in the above videos.
Hope it will help.

Video 6 - bug:

- AC crashes when editing materials with Interactive working

It took me 3 tries to get this bug recorded, it doens't happen all the time but often.
Notice also that the window wih materials is too long and requires folding some options to press the OK button to close the material settings (I have a typical 1920x1080 resolution)

EDIT: AC crashes even without Interactive working. Its rather about editing the material opened through Surface Painter

Video 4 with bug:

- Pressing Enter selects object in AC rather then confirms Exposure change in the VFB

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