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It's not a bug, but anyway...
When I try to get the ClassName of the CoronaPhysicalMtl, I get a returned strange string: "\rCoronaPhysicalMtl"
With line breaks :) This is not a problem, strings can be filtered.

My test pseudocode (MaxSdk .Net API):

IMtlBase matBase.ClassName // MaxSDK pre 2022
IMtlBase matBase.ClassName(false) // MaxSDK 2022 and up

[C4D] Feature Requests / Image save Options dialog
« on: 2022-05-23, 11:27:11 »
I often have to render/save a lot of images in JPG format (and other formats as well).
The process is not automated, the images are saved manually.
The worst thing is catching the full screen (after the Save dialog) Options window. It's small, it appears in a different and most inconvenient place every time :) .
After 15-20 hours of work, it's hard to catch the dialogue window.
Perhaps it is possible (and I'm sure it is) to make the dialog box not hide, not wander all over the screen, but appear next to or in the center of the Owner (say, VFB).
In the worst case, at least in the center of the screen, or in some permanent place. Better still, to remember the last position.

[C4D] General Discussion / Sigershaders for Corona | C4D
« on: 2018-04-30, 10:55:24 »
New project / line launched (will be available soon).
Corona for Cinema 4D materials.
I have to say that working with Corona for C4D is simple and enjoyable.

Some SSS polished marble materials previews.

This will not be a full featured plugin.
Only material libraries for C4D Content Browser - lib4d file (with internal organized folders), contains empty C4D documents with materials and previews. Textures will be in one directory (to be specified global search path in C4D preferences).

[Max] General Discussion / Gloss value
« on: 2017-11-29, 13:57:12 »
I use Glossmeter to measure gloss values for some materials (in Gardner scale or GU - gloss units). Angle 20, 60, 85 degrees. Is there an algorithm to convert these values to current BRDF of Corona material? Or can use as percentage?

General CG Discussion / CMPPmax discussions
« on: 2016-08-19, 01:24:46 »
... but it has a search function which is badly needed in CMPP. Can't believe I bought a library manager minus that!!

I'll see how dev. goes with CMPP Mat manger over the next couple of months but I'll be jumping ship if it remains the same and pick either of these two.

Search/filtering function implementation into material Category (library - *mat file) is simply (for example by material name). But I am not absolutely sure that it is necessary, as isn't recommended to insert more than 50-60 materials into one library. Material library is an array (tab), and I think (I'm not sure, because library file format is closed) it is multidimensional array. Please note, that each opened library scene library is a global variable and can't be fully disposed (but can be replaced with other value - library content). Search/filtering over entire collection or section is impossible in fast way, because via MaxSdk can be opened only one temp scene library in at one time. And yes, can be implemented algorithm search by thumbnail or xml file content, but it will be very very slow... My policy - as much as possible to simplify use and not to implement any excessive functions. On the other hand, I am always open for offers for improving, increases of convenience of use :)

Now in progress new major CMPPmax version (free for all CMPPmax users). User material manager will be identical VMPPmax4.

Available new product - Material Repository Pro for 3ds Max. Material/shortcut manager (without material presets), Mtl Lab (V-Ray and Corona) - currently only shaderball scenes (V-Ray and Corona), but in future will be included more scenes/objects for interior/exterior, transparent, furniture, etc. materials tests.

After painful researches at last I release a ThinFilm texmap plugin stable version.

Plugin is free for personal or commercial use. Download:

Beta version released. Quick presets test (used same glossiness value for all materials (exl. Chromium) only for testing purpose).
Tested with V-Ray 2.x.x, 3.x.x, Corona Renderer 1.x.x, Default Scanline

Based on OSL shader code by Vlado (Chaos Group):

Installation instructions included.

Work in Progress/Tests / Siger various tests
« on: 2014-10-27, 20:31:58 »

comparatively recently I "found" Corona Renderer, and I was pleasantly surprised - is possible to predict (unambiguous) the successful future of this product.

Calculations speed allows "to play" very effectively with materials, and here I will publish tests of the some materials.

Rusty chrome-plated steel (full procedural - used Bercon maps by Jerry Ylilammi). Not finished.

If there is an opportunity to use Bitmaps - use them (best way - Bitmaps + Texmaps procedural). To use only procedural Texmaps for some materials is a perversion - for more or less realistic result we receive such "sausage"...

Some jewelry metals for the new CMPPmax (Corona Material Presets Pro for 3ds Max) :) Yellow Gold 14K and 18K.

Used new GGX shading model.

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