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 Hello everyone! Well I'm new to corona, but here is my current interior design project viz I've done/doing using corona for the first or almost the first time, the design itself is still in active development stage but sadly, now it's more drawing hvac/plumbing and scheduling time (oh how I hate those) so currently I'm unable to make those renders better/more realistic. I know there are plenty of mistakes in design and in viz in particular (damn that constant lack of time) and I wouldn't be posting such shamefull renderings from worked on project, If not for my urgent craving :) for daily builds, which got some really necessary features which I hope will make using corona renderer much easier for me.
So here they are, I hope I didn't screw up too much :) and also hope I will have some time to make em better later.

  Hello, first of all thanks for such a great render engine you've done - it's like maxwell render on steroids in case of speed and quality and even better in some cases like integration to max, ao dirt map (which still needs inverted normals function methinks), other procedural maps, material preview etc. (here it's nearing flexibility of v-ray) - well I wont bother you, praising your work too much, cause you yourself probably know how good your creation is and it truly is :) . There is still much to improve off course but even now I enjoy it quite a lot especially considered I'm using only alpha v5 build not daily builds with all their enhanced features and fixes for which I crave :) . I enjoy it so much that I decided to transfer my current work project (that was some hotel suite interior design project) to corona and everything went even better than I expected renders were good and reasonably clean at a reasonable amount of time, clients (hotel owners) were pleased by both design and visualization, gave me my advance pay - everything went perfect :) . Or almost perfect, after a while they requested that I provide them with lighting analysis for main suite types and comparison to some interior lighting standards. That's when things got, well if not ugly but way more complicated at least for my liking. I know, I know that using alpha v5 which doesn't truly support photometry for work project wasn't such a bright idea, but the pictures I got were so pretty that I just couldn't resist :) In the end I ended up converting all materials to some simple v-ray ones , replacing lights with standart photometric lights with .ies assigned etc. -  I've done that I needed and while it wasn't too difficult work to do it still took some time and got me thinking in the process ...
   So here is the actual request - in some future is it possible to implement something like Lighting Analysis Tool or it's vray's counterpart VrayLightMeter in Corona ? I do think that's possible as I've read that corona lights had already became photometric in daily builds - oh how would I want to lay my hands on one of those :)
   Yet my suggestion, of course if you decide to implement that and it is if is technically possible in Corona, not to do that via some helper object only (which off course is still needed to measure lighting at some height when required) but rather do that let's say via some render element which would work as m-ray's pseudo color exposure control but instead of just analyzing intensity by color could have some on-off button for overlaying grid with onscreen intensity values with selectable grid spacing color\lux min-max threshold and etc. That way it would be possible to get both "beautiful pictures" and "scientifically lookalike ones :) " both at a same rendertime with no need to rerender that twice, and then I think of dollhouse type renderings (ones with ceiling hidden from camera) that type becomes more and more appealing :)

  Maybe that's not one of the most needed features for most users and of course there are plenty of way more needed features which needs your attention (single frame dr is on top of my wishlist for example) but some users , mostly designers and architects, would definitely benefit from it if you could implement that in some future releases.

  Sorry for such a long post and for my notsoperfect english.     

vrayLightMeter -
m-ray's pseudo color exposure control -,topicNumber=d30e436931
some thing about max's\mental ray's one with some examples -

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