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So I noticed some people tend to have simple replies to their post like "Nice image!" etc
which written by a day old accounts, and this message is their only one.

I'm curious about why it's so obvious, yet no one says anything.

If there are no links hidden in the message, no harm done - there simply isn't time to vet replies, unless they are actively harmful, or spambots :) This is probably true for all our forum visitors, we don't even see "Nice image!" posts as we are looking for something with actual content e.g. critique on what is good, or what could be better.

Self-bumping up :- ) ? Heh it was so common back in day when most images were posted in Facebook Groups. Man I hated those groups.. such a rat race.

That's why I like Behance, you just post the work and let it live. Unfortunately, looks like buying likes&comments came to it as well, often very obvious for some countries (the same one who buy those fake likes on Instagram and else).

Anyway, someone selling LinkedIn likes ;- )?


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