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Ludvik Koutny:
There is not any set of strict rules on this forum so expected behavior of forum members is based on common sense.  The usual rules apply: do not flame, be polite, no warez, etc.

Things that need to be explicitly said:

* Stick to English when posting here, so we can understand each other.
* Do NOT send private messages to forum members/administrators requesting trivial help/advice. Use the forum instead, or better yet, search older topics, the question might be already answered.
* Do not spam the gallery with meaningless "nice picture" replies. Try to include some specific feedback in every gallery post.

I've updated the first post to ask people not to PM me about trivial stuff. I have nearly 1000 messages in my inbox, and most of it is "Give daily builds" or "How do I Corona?". I don't have time or nerves to answer them anymore.


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