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Degraded experience of reading forum on mobile phone


Was some changes made to the forum recently? Since yesterday it became very inconvenient to read it on mobile phone. It used to fit nicely on the screen without need to scroll sideways, but that's not the case anymore. I thought maybe it's because of some update in Chrome, but it's the same in other browsers. Does anyone else have the same experience?

No changes have been made to the forum.

Romullus, some mobile browsers have a "use desktop version" option which is, using Corona terminology, "system-wide" rather than "scene-wide", meaning that if you enabled it once, it will be applied to all websites. Maybe you need to uncheck that option? This happened to me few times. 

Yes, that was it! I don't know why "desktop" got unchecked in the settings, because i didn't touch anything, i wasn't even aware about such feature. Thank you very much Maru, now i can read forum again on the phone :]


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