Author Topic: Looking for: 3D Design / Render Roll for Junior - Mid Cinema 4D Designer  (Read 8168 times)

2019-09-01, 13:35:48

Matt Pril Studios

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Dear Junior-Mid Cinema 4D Designer,

I'm presenting you a rare opportunity to learn valuable industry standard skill sets while enhancing your portfolio with renders solutions for top tier client projects in the production space.

This roll is looking for a junior-mid level designer to join my team who’s self motivated and possess an incredible willingness to learn and adapting a unique workflow in photorealistic 3D. To give you a brief understanding for the scope of work, you will begin with organizing and preparing 3D assets coming from various creative and architectural departments. As the roll develops you will grow into producing creative solutions for final renders.

If you see yourself as a professional and enjoy working at a high level and fast pace we'd gladly build a lasting relationship for many projects to come.


1. Studio Version Cinema 4D - Corona Render - CC Photoshop
2. A professional computer rig capable of handling large detailed scenes (32 gigs of ram)
3. Organizing, communicating, time tracking, problem solving skills
4. Willingness to learn

Please submit a proposal / portfolio to:

1. Short brief about your design training or if self taught how you approach your own training
2. 3 - selected works of still renders / Portfolio
3. 1 - Screen Shot of a C4D file ( I'm interested in seeing how you organize your work )
4. Your hourly rate

Additional Questions:

What is your flexibility to take on a project at moments notice? Job / Family / Other Projects?

What qualities and skills should a good 3D designer have?

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

I look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,

2019-11-26, 16:16:39
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Heey did you fill up this position or your are still looking for someone I apply
Great Art isn't about the best resources,its about using what you have

2019-11-27, 11:12:15
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I would love to assist you with your requirements. A five-minute chat would be helpful. looking for your reply, thank you.

Luis vane

2020-09-08, 14:58:08
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I'm very intrested if the position is not filled !

feel free to contact me at :

my portefolio (WIP) :