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Great thank you

If you have time could you add, a render thumbnail for cloth and possibly a liquid one like so.

I know this might be too much to ask for, but is there way to have a setup/option for those of us that don't use metric? I mean, I have converted the sample scene to my own setup and adjusted maps to include imperial measurements (ex: the floor mat on my scene has 24 in. squares instead of 20/50cm), but I might have screwed up the UVW mapping in the process for the shaderball. Would be better to have it done by the program creator after all.

Also, I've found that the mapping doesn't work well with brick materials. So perhaps in addition to a cloth/liquid model, we could use a more squarish model for certain mats? Just throwing it out there.

Thanks for all the great work Siger.

Yes, is planned to include other scenes (now prepared only common (Hard surface) Shaderball scenes in centimeters and inches (standard and real-world).
VMPPmax4 preview rendering quick test on studio's FB:
I will think about possibility using Custom scenes.

Implemented preview rendering in VMPPmax4 (batch and single). Now working for this in CMPPmax2.

Cool, but will control clicking materials to selectively choose materials to render thumbnail be possible instead of rendering one at a time or entire categories?


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