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Tapatalk plugin on Corona Forum

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Hello guys, could you make corona forum available on Tapatalk?

This would greatly help using forum on mobile devices.

I see corona forum uses Simple Machines Forum engine.

Here you have a link on how to install Tapatalk on SMF.

sorry, I rather wont install any more potential exploitable plugins than I have to ;)

Sorry to say, but that just plain stupid. Really, honestly, every other forum I use, uses that plugin and no one ever complained about it. Until I came here, I didn't even realise that Tapatalk is a plugin, because seriously, every other forum is already there.

Have you ever used corona forum on your mobile? Constant zooming in and zooming out, bad layout, small fonts, uncomfortable topic subscriptions, etc.

I use it frequently on my phone (about 50% of the time), the only complain would be the small pagination. But this could easily handled by a few stylesheet adjustments.

Good Luck

Same here - browsing forum on relatively small sized phone (4,5") on daily basis - no problem with text size, although i have very bad eyesight. I browse it mainly through this link:


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