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Guillermo Leal:
I needed the lightlister script to work with corona. plus some additional futures for vray so i created this script, maybe some one else find it usefull.

its based on the Lightlister that ships with vray which is based on the original that came with max.

the additions i made are.
- added support for corona lights, corona material and corona light material
- added tooltips to some parameters
- ability to edit ies files on vray, photometric and corona lights
- wider interface


v3.07 :
fix: With corona Lights on initial startup, the wrong elements were being enable/disabled. I was missing +1 on the type of shape variable. (maxscript arrays start at 1 not 0)

v3.06 :
add: Supports for corona3 physical material
fix: on Corona Lights. There were several issues, Some parameters were not being created and then when changing the shape type it would crash the script
add: for corona material and corona physical material now we can control enable/disable of the self illumination texture and the amount of it.

v3.05 :
fix: It was crashing with the newest corona render (3+) as the corona material is now named CoronaLegacyMtl
fix: there was a crash when trying to add or change a texture for the corona material or coronaLight material and the user canceled the process of selecting an image
fix: for lightmaterials if it has a texture it wasn’t been shown

v3.04 :
fix: For some strange reason on some files with corona it was crashing when creating the dialogs, the problem was the method (units.formatValue) which i was using it on the tooltips for some parameters.
fix: Added some checks for certain parameters on corona lights
fix: updated the ranges for the segments on corona lights, it was from 0 -> 100000 which should be 3 -> 128. on certain systems it could cause a crash

v3.03 :
fix: there has been a bug in the function filenameFromPath for a long long time, I thought it had been fixed but not, so i use a custom function for it. that was causing a crash when getting the ies file when the file was missing.

v3.02 :
fix:    crash when deleting a corona light
add:    clicking on the material button now shows an option to select or edit the material

v3.01 :
add: support for coronal materials and corona light materials

initial release:
add:    support for corona lights
add:    tool-tips for the light name as sometimes they have a long name, you need to hover the mouse over the on checkbox as the textedit control does not has tooltips.
add:    tool-tips for some other elements
add:    edit ies files on corona , vray ies lights and max photometric

i know there was already the plugin from ecximer but beside that i didn't want another max version specific plugin i wanted the ability to add whatever i need it to it so i updated this script.

please if you find any issues or do any updates let me know so i keep the script updated.

if you want to use it as a macroscript you need to uncomment lines 135 to 139

you can download it in the following link.

Thank you I will try it. The other script here doesn't work for us unfortunately.

Some feedback:

- I can't get the script to appear in Customise UI screen.

"- to do:
- add the corona shadow code for regular lights. never use it so i might never add it....." - please add this! We discovered that using standard max lights with corona materials and projection maps gives cleaner results than using corona lights with projection maps. So this would be useful to have included!

Guillermo Leal:

Please download the script again, i don't use it as a macro so i had commented the macro lines plus was enabled only with vray. and about the shadows they do show up, just not the corona options.


I still can't get this script to appear in Customise UI, even with the newly-downloaded file.

I can run it manually just fine however, and it appears to work.


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