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Corona Proxy Exporter (continuous updates)

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Well, no program or script should crash, no matter what. So reporting this is totally justified and appreciated. I should "sanitize" those string before trying to save (and not crash the script).

I agree, the bug report is still entirely useful.
Proxy Exporter script aside, I think it not a good practice to use those symbols in naming conventions, and I strongly suggest learning not to use them.
I hope this can also be useful. 🙂

Hi all!

I am trying to export a very heavy geometry (44.000.000 polys) and I am getting an error a few seconds after I click the export button, I attached the error image below.
Usually I never had any issues with heavy geometries but today yes.

I use Win 10 and Corona 6 latest daily build.

Do you know what it could be?

Thanks in advance and happy new 2020 from my part as well.

Dionysios -

Hmm... that's a tough one. Can't really tell you anything helpful I'm afraid. There's no reason for it to fail code-wise so I suspect it either being a max problem or a problem with the corona proxy object itself. Can you try exporting it the "old school" way via the proxy object?

Happy new year to you too :)

Thanks for getting back.

Unfortunately the "old school" method doesn't work either. I think the object is way to heavy and crashes everything during the process.
I'll try to detach some elements and create 4 smaller new object and try again.


Dionysios -


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