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Here is a script with the most often used parameters from Render Setting and a little from Material Editor
Script is in WIP. So a proposals and feedbacks are welcomed

How to:

1) Drag and drop into viewport of 3dsMax with the same Corona Renderer version;
2) Open Customize>>Customize User Interface...>>Toolbars>>category:"Corona Renderer";
3) Drag and drop action "Corona_tweaks" to panel;
4) Press button
5) Enjoy

Tested with 3dsMAX v.2014 and 3dsMAX v.2015

ps: If you want that panel was opened in one time with 3ds max you need to copy into c:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 20XX\scripts\Startup\

If you need to do floating panel just move mouse on any border part of the panel and double click or open right click menu and click float

Great implementation! Thanx!


- the panel doesn't let dublicate itself;
- the panel is can be docked left/right by drag&drop or by double click by the panel and can be undocked by click on the script button;
- in the DB version the Corona VFB button shows/hides CoronaVFB by two position of the button

The Installing process is not changed

You have added PAss limit, but I my self use time aswell.


--- Quote from: Tanakov on 2015-02-03, 15:04:58 ---You have added PAss limit, but I my self use time aswell.

--- End quote ---

Ok. Done in format "h: m: s:". You'll see it in next build


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