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Mohammadreza Mohseni:
Hello, I wrote a script for some of my recent works with corona and I decide to share it. It may help somebody do his/her job faster.

this a script for facilitating the batch editing of lights in a scene

* Randomize Multipliers
Randomize Temperature
Include/Exclude list batch editing for all selected lights without knowing the names of objects
Corona Lighting Related Render Elements
Automate Corona Light Select Based on Layers (with and without light mixer)
Automate Corona Light Select Based on Instances  (with and without light mixer)
dockable and undockable
can convert Kelvin temperature to RGB color (Based on Tanner Helland  algorithm) you can copy the color and used it everywhere like standard lights
randomize temperature of photometric lights as well as corona lights
Update batch corona lights option editing.
if you were interested you can download it from the attachment.

Mohammadreza Mohseni





Wow thanks !

Mohammadreza Mohseni:
update to version 1.40

*added corona lights option batch editing.

download it from 1st post attachment

Great, efficient tools, thanks for sharing.

Any chance for you to update your script, so that Generates Caustics option is handled, please ?

I'm really fan of this tool, I hope you'll find some time to update it ;)




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