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.CXR Extension made available as a render queue option



This is a feature i have seen people asking for, for a good few years now however it doesn't seem to be available.

Currently c4d users are able to save out exr files when using the render queue, however cxr isn't an option. i feel like we are missing out on a powerful option with regards to the corona image editor being able to use lightmix with these types of files.

Although we can save cxr's for this use from the vfb, when queueing and rendering multiple images each evening this isn't an option. I see this was last mentioned in 2022 as something that has been noted by the devs, just wondering if you guys have any further input on if developments have been made for this feature.

Nothing to announce as yet - it will involve re-writing the export routines for ourselves rather than relying on the DCC routines, if I remember right, which is not a small undertaking. Something we definitely want to do though, just not a timeframe on it yet :)

Cheers Tom, thanks for the update on this (y)  would be a lovely feature to have so i am glad it's still on the radar!


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