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Well, what can I say, it's a Script that exports panoramas ;)  Ondra had the idea, I've just been scripting it.
The script either takes a 360x180° jpg file or grabs the image directly from CoronaVfb and generates 3 or 4 files (depends on your settings). The Html file uses the awesome threejs library

How to use:
- Choose a Name for your panorama
- Set an output path for your panorama files (you can use the browse button)
- Either pick a jpg file (Browse)
- .. or grab the current image from the CoronaVfb
- you can turn off the automatic rotation if you want it static
- you can also turn off the Corona Logo display (but why would you want to do that ;-) )
- now you can use it locally on your machine or upload all the files to your webspace. Paths are all relative, so it's portable.

P.S. Some browsers like IE or Chrome seem to disallow running the js library on a local machine. Once it's uploaded to a webserver, all Browser show the content. Firefox seems to be working fine locally and web. Don't ask me why this happens, I'm not a web developer :D

Example:   (old logo)

*v0.3 - [2015/03/07] -----------------------------
- changed corona logo
- added speed spinner: from -1.0 (rotates left) to 1.0 (rotates right)
- view center is now the image center
*v0.2 - [2014/10/20] -----------------------------
- mouse wheel zoom can now be disabled
*v0.1 - [2014/04/16] -----------------------------
- initial release

Alex Abarca:
Thanks for the script, The cathedral looks great in panorama!

Grand Dead

Thanks a lot buddy !

Wow, the cathedral looks amazing. Nice script

BTW, is the blooming in the bigger windows been generated naturally inside Corona, or elsewhere? Can't get it to look anything close to that. How did you go about it?



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