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volumetric in materials with 0 Object visibility (object property) still visible


Drop a tinted glass onto an object then turn it's visibility under object properties down to 0. => Volume and it's shadow are still visible on render. It don't get completely invisible as it should. It's a pain in the ass if you need animated visibility of any glas objects.

The ability of this forum to simply be able to insert pics from clipboard would be amazing.

Why exactly do you need to control an object's visibility in this case?

Currently this is the expected behavior. Visibility only affects the object's surface.

Ok, thanks for the very quick answer. We are animating kitchen appliances and need to hide / show like 50 glasses or water tanks/volumes throughout the clips. We are surprised of this bug/feature because on other renderers visibility 0 means all of the object (surface/volume/shadows/gi contribution) is not visible.

Of cause I'm fully aware animating object visibility is most of the time a bad idea with raytracers which leads to all sorts of funny light/gi artefacts and especially severe performance impacts if all layers and faces of an object needs to be rendered in front of each other, but as least animatioms from 100% to 0% visibility in one frame works fine. If 0% visibility really IS 0% visibility. ;-)

@Maru, see old bugtracker (4 years old) and ID=323891067

It's both a pain - animating visibility of objects with volume effects applied (you have to animate absorption color to white additionally) or handling this internally in a proper way by Corona I guess :)

Good Luck


Thanks for reporting, we have this logged in the system already. I'll let you know when I have some more info.



(Report ID=CRMAX-393)


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