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IKEA candle holders and candles


Double Optics Studio:
The studio recently during the downtime between projects decided to model some assets of IKEA, a few assets of candle holders and candles.

These have been fully designed and textured in house by our staff and are ready to be used in any and all interior/architecture settings that any user might want to use them in.

They can also be used for product mood shot renderings etc.

The assets are "free to use" for commercial projects as well.

File formats are max mtl and obj.

Preview files are below, data is available in the drop box link below

When using these models in some commercial images, is there some specific credit required?
Or maybe you are giving them away for free with what is basically a CC0 license - you can do with them whatever you wish with no credit needed?
(please note: I am not accusing you of anything or trying to use the assets in any wrongful manner - just asking to make it clear so that others are aware of what the license is)

Double Optics Studio:
Hi sorry for not making the Legal use fully clear earlier.

Yes it is a CC0.

No credit needed unless someone feels they want to do so out of the goodness of their heart(s)

Honest feedback would be appreciated if someone uses them so that it helps us further down the line when we are designing and making other goodies for the CG community to use.


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