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Phoenix FD - rendering ocean mesh with smoothing crashes max

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Ink Visual:
I'm not yet sure whether it's a problem with Corona or Phoenix FD itself but couldn't find anybody on Chaosgroup forum having this issue. I also cannot compare the behaviour in Vray as I don't have a license.
I created simple "moving ship in a water" simulation using liquid container which I then render in Ocean Mesh mode.
Everything is ok until I turn on Mesh Smoothing option with "Use Liquid Particles" enabled. It smoothes out water surface in the viewport but after pressing "render" MAX usually freezes or crashes.
I did try doing it on higher and lower resolution containers but this didn't seem to have any impact, both were crashing.

I'm using max 2020, latest Phoenix FD version, and Corona 4h1 (I tested most recent Corona daily too, with same issue).
I'd appreciate any help on this.

Can you send us the scene for testing? Can be just the problem PhoenixFD sim without the ship if needed :)

Ink Visual:
Hi, I uploaded packed scene with cache files and created new ticket. Thanks

Awesome, thank you!

any luck? same problem here ^^


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