Author Topic: Interactive viewport causing CRASH every time press stop  (Read 1580 times)

2021-09-17, 03:53:36


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When using the interactive viewport, every time I press the 'STOP' button C4D crashes.
Have to do Task manager > force close application

This happens regardless of the scene objects involved.

C4D version S24
Corona 7, latest official release

PC specs;-

Processor   - i9-10980XE (18 core)
Installed RAM   64.0 GB
GPU - 3080 Ti

2021-09-17, 09:23:19
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unfortunately, this does not seem to happen to me. Would it be possible to force quit (RSHIFT + LSHIFT + DEL) the application and attach the generated bugreport.txt (this will be created in your %appdata%\Maxon\Cinema 4D R23_C563ABA8\_bugreports)?

Additionally, what happens if you override the rendering via e.g. starting an interactive VFB render?

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