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[Max] General Discussion / Re: Denoising
« on: Today at 18:50:02 »
Corona 3? That's a 5 year old version so things will look different then. There was no Intel denoiser for one thing, and the UI has been rearranged. No reason to use such an old version, a subscription gets you access to all versions so you can be using 9 HF1 with all the improvements that have come with it over the last 5 years :)

You don't need a full license for something that will just be a render node, you need a Render Node license :)

This doesn't cost as much as a full license, as it doesn't allow opening the host and using Corona in full, it just allows the machine to render.

EDIT: And for C4D, you won't need a second license (again, you won't be able to open C4D on that render node machine, but you can use it to render - just install C4D on there with the team render stuff, and never open it as a full program)

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Denoising
« on: Today at 15:08:08 »
But Intel and NVIDIA show as options? Just to be sure, is Corona selected as your active render engine?

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Rejection of reflection
« on: Today at 13:03:00 »
There are no plans for this, it's not really what override is used for (which is a way to check lighting without distractions). There are some options, for instance you could use a Reflect render element which is exactly what you ask for here, nothing but the reflection component in the scene, I think this would do exactly what you want to do. You could also exclude individual objects from being overridden if you wanted to see their full material (e.g. diffuse color, etc. too).

Are the trees in your scene animated in some way? Looks like they are, and this could cause the geometry to be different each frame and therefore these randomizations would change each frame. Let us know about those trees, where you bought them, what the animation format is, etc.

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Carona 9 DOF vs older versions
« on: Yesterday at 22:59:38 »
BTW if you have a scene that demonstrably is slower in 9 rather than in an earlier version (ie you can run it in the different Corona versions and there is a difference that can be seen in the time to render, rays/s, etc), we'd be interested in seeing that scene.

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Carona 9 DOF vs older versions
« on: Yesterday at 22:57:58 »
Nothing in Corona 9 would have slowed things down that I am aware of - relevant changes were just enabling DOF for fisheye cameras, where before that was not possible (not using a fisheye camera are you? :) ). The good news though is that DOF is planned to be made faster/better in 10 anyway:)

I am not sure what you mean by IR  slowing down - in your test scene, if I change the seed, sometimes it takes about 4 to 5 seconds for IR to refresh to show the new results (while the new scattering is shown pretty much straight away in the viewport), and when IR does update it shows it is already at pass 4. Is that what you mean by slowdown, the reparsing of the scene?

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Rejection of reflection
« on: 2023-03-20, 18:28:04 »
I don't understand the question fully, sorry - do you mean a "Preserve reflections" checkbox? There are no plans for this as basically by then you aren't overriding anything anyway, and you're as well working with the full materials as you aren't getting the benefits of simplified lighting, nor of any faster rendering while working on the scene. Though maybe you mean something else, let us know :)

EDIT - BTW, preserve glass is only there because of windows, otherwise most scenes would be plunged into darkness and need manually hiding those objects; it's not there due to preserving refraction and reflection being "useful" beyond making sure light can still enter the scene.

[C4D] I need help! / Re: worn edges with AO
« on: 2023-03-20, 16:29:31 »
Following this for curvature:

or this:

AO doesn't work? It should, I saw nothing in the video you shared that couldn't be done :)

So long as C4D and Corona are installed, you should be able to Team Render to any machine (I would imagine even a regular PC could be called upon in a Team Render set up alongside any type of Mac). Comes down to the software installation rather than the hardware :)

Great! And sure, once a ticket is in, no harm in posting here too, just in case you get a faster reply here. Sorry I don't have any suggestions or answers of course, outside of my realm unfortunately :(

Just to be sure, you did already send in a ticket to ? Always do that first, before posting on the forum, as that will be the main source of help for licensing and installation issues, and when you don't want to delay getting a response, getting that ticket in first is key.

From what is described, does sound like render selected (on its own at least) is not the solution. Depends on the purpose, to save render time, or to allow editing the object independently in post? If the second, then using some object mask render element should let the object be isolated in post, with no need to change the render.

If it's about render time, not sure - region render as noted could work, depends on whether the object will be moving around its location within the frame as not sure render regions can be animated. If not, then another possible workaround is using a plane with 0 roughness, 1.0 IOR, full refraction, and use that as the sole render selected object. Since "what it sees in refraction" is fully maintained as part of its render selected, this plane then becomes a "window" through which only that part of the scene is rendered. Most likely this would need to be right up close to the camera (else the depth of the fog may be different). Not the easiest of set ups, but you can then at least animate that plane to follow the camera, and even to move around in the frame to always keep the desired selected object in view.

EDIT - crude test scene attached in case the description of that last set up was somewhat confusing in text form :)

[C4D] Bug Reporting / Re: Virtual beaty pass not saved
« on: 2023-03-17, 14:55:56 »
It is good that it's reproducible :) Also btw, same thing happens in Max as well we discovered. So, the dev team will be on it and figuring out why this happens.

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