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Long Saving And Loading Times With 15 May Daily


Problem is similar with the previous daily. I waited for new daily to be fixed but it still remains. Saving and loading times too long.

I tested on my file and found that it might be related to Corona Bitmap Shader.

First I converted all my materials to Corona Physical and all shaders to Corona Shaders. It tooks 58 seconds to save and 70 seconds to open.
Then i converted Corona Bitmap Shaders to Cinema Bitmap Shaders (just file), it tooks 7 seconds to save and 20 seconds to open.

(It was not more than 1 seconds with the Corona 11)

This might help you to fix problem.

I've been saying for a long time that it's the corona bitmap shader, I also suspect the problem is something that has to do with the current Cinema 4D version AND the Corona bitmap shader. Maybe the logic in the program code needs to be changed. I just don't understand why the problems can't be understood, according to the changelog.
Test scenes and descriptions showing the problem have already been mentioned several times. I hope they can fix the problems before the final release.

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I just testet it-  open same file with different corona versions (Cienma 4d 2024.4.0 installed)

Corona 10 Hotfix 2
8 seconds

Corona Daily Build 10 May
50 seconds


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