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C4D scenes dont open with new Daily Build from Corona 12 March 11.

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In the new Daily Build from Corona 12 March 11, when I close a C4D scene (saved with the new daily installed) and open it again this scene will appear 100% loaded in the C4D task manager but never open. I tested with several scenes. I could only open it again when installing back the Corona 11 last stable release.

Anyone have the same issue, so I can understand what is wrong?
Thank you

Good morning Luis,

I have the same problem. You have to wait forever to open a scene. I tested it with a scene created in Cinema4d 2024.3.2.
The loading time in corona 10 (hotfix2) according to the task manager built into C4D is 0:00min and in the current daily 1:17min for the same file (see attachment). If you have a big scene, it may take some time.

I think it has something to do with the Corona materials and the Corona proxies. If I delete all materials and convert all proxies, the file loads normally.

Maybe everything will work if you start a completely new project. But I don't have time for more tests.
I'm back in Corona 10 (hotfix2) because I have to constantly work with "old" files.

In general, there is currently a problem with Corona materials in cinema. As already described elsewhere in the forum, Corona materials always lose the connection to the textures when you save them in the Cinema4D Asset Browser and then reinsert them into a project.

My system: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X with 128GB RAM, RTX2080 SUPER and Win11 23H2
I'm working with Cinema4D R26, 2023.2.2 and 2024.3.2

I wish everyone a good start into the week.

Hi there, are you able to share a test scene for us? If so, please feel free to use the link in my signature below. One note, please use the "save project with assets" option when doing so.

Same here, dont know its a Maxon or a Corona releated thing. We have here scenes that will load up in 1 hour. scenes that will load up before in max 30 seconds.
We did test this on a network drive with 10gbit and nvms and local on nvms, same problem.

tiglat can you try "2024.1.0" scene will load up faster here seems hotfix 2 corona 10 work here

Same here !


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