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Corona Bitmap Fixed?


"Fixed problem with Corona Bitmap and Corona Proxy not correctly loading paths from C4D Asset browser"

Just curious if this fix in the latest daily finally fixes the issue with broken paths when collecting scenes? I will try it out later.

Hi there, did you managed to test this at all?

It seems to be solved. Thanks. Just tried it.

Running C4D r25, Mac OS 12.5.1 Monterey and Corona v11.0 release.

Just saw this. Well, here is a screen grab of my original scene (top), and that scene saved with assets and opened.

As you can see, the materials from The Pixel Lab that use Corona Bitmap in their construction, and I believe the texture files are within the converted folder in the asset browser, get assigned a random names to the texture files, but the links are not updated which breaks the links. I also see (shared) in the path of the bottom image.

Something still is not working. It is easy to reconnect them, but with a large scene that is not practical.


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