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Has anyone figured out how to do this in C4D? I.e. in 3DSMax we can just check the Real World Map size option in the UV Map modifier to make sure the texture scales correctly.

I did raise a post on Cineversity and it sounds like the only option is to make geo to measure against which is a complete time killer. 

Wondering if anyone else has figured this out or are we just stuck to eyeballin' it?

James Vella:
Im a max user but I remember doing this in C4D awhile ago. I think its called Project - World System.

Create a box:

Scaled it (looks wrong of course):

Hit projection: World, box 2 (texture scale is consistent with different size box):

UV Mapping options (World System):

Thanks James, I'll take a look!

This doesn't seem to work for me :)

The first image is with UV projection set to cubic 2 with World system. If set to the default of Object the UV's are still distorted and not the same size as the cube which is set to 30x30cm (same as the texture from the material library).

If I set the UV to Cubic using the Automatic UV function the UV's are no longer distorted but the tiles are much larger.

James Vella:
When you apply the UV Projection, ensure "Use all objects" is selected. These are 2 cubes one is 200cm, the other is 50cm, the texture scale appears consistent (mind you the small cube is 1m back so looks a bit smaller but its the same on orthographic view).

There is more in the Help menu about this:

After trying to replicate this by adding new boxes, I cant seem to get it to match the previous scale or easily edit the size and keep UVs in tact. For example you can apply this method to multiple objects and their scale is consistent, but adding new ones it appears you have to re apply the projection to all objects again, and the scale changes.

Seems much easier in 3dsmax to keep sizes consistent. My only other thought would be, what c4d version are you using, if its newer than R21 maybe check if there is a Texel Density option somewhere. If you can keep the texel density consistent with a click of a button it should keep consistent.


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