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Camera Inside Volumes Playground!


A new feature added in our Chaos Corona 10 for Cinema 4D daily builds now allows you to place a camera inside volumes!

Add volumetrics to your scene such as smoke, fire, water, clouds etc in the form of a .vdb file (fire/smoke), or just an object using a Corona Volume Material (smoke/fog) or Corona Physical Material with refraction and some volumetric effects enabled (water/other liquids/glass). You can then place your camera inside the volume and it will render fine.
Optionally, you can enable ''Camera Physical Size'' in the Corona camera. This lets you place your camera at the border of two or more volumes and see the volumetric effects as expected (an example of this is partially submerging a camera so that you can see what is outside of the water and underwater).

- New Volume Resolving in Corona 10 article in our Help Center
- 3ds Max Playground Thread

Go ahead and share your results here. These are some of ours ;)


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