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Hi everyone, we're looking to get some feedback on you CG wizards to get some input on this reel.
Some jobs are from last year, and some from this year, most of it rendered locally to avoid heavy costs on rendering that would kill our budgets.
We'd love to hear your feedback on what to remove and what to keep, and of course, what would you prioritize on improving - I'll keep updating stuff on this post for the following months, everytime I have a chance. :)

Kindly let us know, we thank you in advance.

Hi everyone!

I was asked to look into maxscripting to automatically create a controller in sme to manipulate texture dimensions in Real-World Scale across a multitude of textures - I am trying to figure out how to do it on a standard 3dsmax bitmap node, is there anything different regarding the coronabitmap node in terms of UV realworldscale controller I should take in account or does it work exactly the same?
Thanks all,
Kind regards,

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: Caustics take too long to clear
« on: 2019-06-26, 10:58:37 »
I'd +1 this as well - caustics, for their very specific use, would be great if we could control specifically what we need to see them in - It's an inherently heavy burden for calculation (has always been and corona did a great job in creating a "press render" approach for generic cases) and the ability to specifically focus on certain objects would remove quite a bit of that burden.

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Re: Corona4 EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION
« on: 2019-06-26, 10:53:00 »
Hi, we're having the same issue here, we can't get a thumbnail render from Corona 4 using Project Manager even with the built in Batch Render present with the PM software, even after the Pre-render script prepared by Alexander Kramer.
I tried using the corona bug tracking portal for this, but for some unknown reason it won't let me log in with the account info.

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Caustics playground!
« on: 2019-04-25, 01:07:48 »
Doing my best to get this to work - is there a switch asides from the material one to get caustics to start rendering?
I am not getting any better or any faster caustics than the previous corona 3 version - Is there a trick to use this?

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Re: Anima + motion blur issue
« on: 2019-03-08, 08:59:21 »
Hi, will corona 4.0 support this anima motion blur already? Would be wonderful to know, as we're thinking to upgrade :)

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Re: Anima + motion blur issue
« on: 2019-02-23, 04:12:52 »
ohhh :) Can you provide your in-house scripts ?

I wrote that script, and surely we can work out some solution that would be beneficial to both of us.

I would need to rewrite some specific parts (filePath generation), but it does exactly what you need. One click solution to convert ANIMA to cached meshes.

Hit me up via PM or better via


Hi Michal, I just purchased your script over at Gumroad, and I am still running into some issues with the conversion.
Some of the Anima 3.5.3 characters that spawn in subsequent frames after the 1st frame of animation are getting frozen and having no animation whatsoever (although the transform is proper, they move as though they are doing the original animation).
I know I could just have the paths in anima a little longer, but it would be nicer if I could count on the script to do that as well.

Another info: When I click one of the frozen people, there’s an error displayed on the cache info for these particular point cached items that states: “Point count changed while recording” – Maybe because your script starts the object recording before anima spawns them on the scene? I think that makes sense, and should be looked at. Would it be possible to query the generation/appearance of the geometry as anima generates it and just save the point cache from that point to the point in which it disappears? - Not a programmer mind here, but... :)

Could you have a look into this?

You can see what I mean by observing this test render attached on this link (watch closely the last frames where people are clearly frozen because they’re already spawned after 1st frame).

Looking forward to hearing from you sometime soon as I have a delivery that would depend on this to be able to put decently blurred people in my shots.
I also sent you an email regarding this.

Kind regards!

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Re: Anima + motion blur issue
« on: 2019-02-23, 03:04:55 »
Hi, having the same issue here. I bought the script because I don't believe you'll be able to see this in the next following days, but would be nice to have a proper motion blur pass from anima :)

Dear Ondra, even better would be to be able to have this as a separate pass (so we can save it out and use it in post). Should this be posted as a new feature request?

Well, everything together, we used a renderfarm to get the job done, we can't possibly render locally something of this scale and complexity.

There was nearly no post except for the motion graphics, and of course the tone mapping and corona bloom&glare.

We're still recovering, but working on our next one already, which we believe it will be more pleasant aesthetically :)

Fixed, sorry guys, Thanks!!

Hi all, just wanted to present a small animation we've done for a city area rehabilitation in Lisbon.
It was a 2 people, 3 week job approximately, with tons of changes during the process, so it was quite the challenge. We'd love to have more time to properly light the scene, but this was just not possible. Maybe in a break between jobs I'll improve it.

The video is in Portuguese, we had no time to include other languages in the audio stream.
The scale is quite massive, we used Corona full path tracing render (UHD was giving us serious issues with all the moving cars/tree wind animations).

There are occasional glitches in the scene, feel free to spot them and we'll try to fix them (after we recover our rest :)

Find the animation in the link below:

Have a great day, thanks for your feedback.

Update: Somehow it fixed itself when I changed to the native VFB, and switched back to Corona.
Go figure... :)
Thanks all!

Hi, thanks for the follow up :)

Nothing appears, no error message in the listener.

I will try to illustrate with a couple of images :/

I have no error messages, just a result of "2" using a little script command to re-enable the VFB

It was working fine, and now it started giving me this highly disruptive problem :P


Is anyone having trouble with showing recently done renders in Max 2017?
The Corona VFB always shows up during render, but if I close the window, it is a goner. I can't even reopen it to save an image that has been previously calculated.
is anyone else experiencing this behaviour?
I've checked to see if it opens off screen with Alt+Space, but it is a no go.

As you can imagine it is tricky to always have to do a new render to be able to access the framebuffer...
Kind regards and thanks in advance!

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