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Well even how to use this from is a misters thing. Can someone please ! help me to install corona ! I have already installed it somehow but without license so I have now 2 app corona image and corona standalone.  I got a standard link to install it again but what and how_ how is it compared to this what I already installed? and what is it?  having doubled apps is not good. and I even dont know if this 2 apps are corona render apps or is it always when something was detected as not having a license_? this iscompletly insane and chaotic and If not mz school I would never choose you to pay for something like this.  I was told after many mails that a student license for c4d is making the installation different.... wow why is nothing on your web? Your BAM is a really Bam in a face. BAM bam BAM and I have no corona Bam..

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« on: 2021-06-01, 15:17:59 »
How annoying it is that I bought a license and cannot install it because I get all-time info there is no license! , to let buyers use the app without no tutorials for Mac users, no sepecific tutorial for different license,  support that just repeat for several times what to do that just dont compare with my issue.  no people to contact..just some chaotic complicated links , forums...well not all people are nerds...

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