Author Topic: Global bitmap controls  (Read 427 times)

2019-01-10, 20:31:33


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When I'm creating a texture, say I have diffuse/reflect/bump/mask bitmaps that are all supposed to be around 12" x 12". A lot of the time I need to tweak that size so it reads right in the scene, let's say it ends up being 12.56" x 12.56". I can't count how many times I've had to hunt down why a texture isn't working because I didn't change one of those damn map dimensions.

Would it make sense to have a node for this? One that controls Blur, Size, Offsets, etc that you can plug a bunch of bitmaps into. Seems like something Autodesk should have done a long time ago unless I'm completely missing something.

2019-01-14, 12:34:09
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Looks like currently this can be done with controller nodes, but there are some issues:
We are looking into this...