Author Topic: Laggy Corona Colour Picker  (Read 863 times)

2018-12-20, 11:40:49


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Not sure if i should post it to bug reporting board, but i think that something must be done with Corona colour picker responsiveness. I've been using CCP for a year or so now and i think that it gradually changed from pretty snappy to pretty laggy. I didn't realize how much of an issue this is, untill i changed to native colour picker couple days ago. OMG, i couldn't believe how responsive and fast native picker feels, it was like taking winter gloves off while trying fixing swiss watch. I changed to native picker because of annoying CCP's sRGB/RGB display discrepency, but i'm sticking to it because responsiveness.

Please fix CCP if possible, i really miss its advanced features, but i wont go back to it in its current state.
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2018-12-20, 16:02:48
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I notice this too. It is slow for sure. But I do like the picker so I power through it. Thought it was just me really :)

2019-03-01, 13:35:24
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Confirmed and logged.
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