Author Topic: Automatically Enable DR When Server is Idle  (Read 914 times)

2016-09-01, 09:42:45


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Just had an idea this morning... currently if you're sending off a load of backburner jobs you obviously don't enable DR on your nodes or on those network render jobs, since they will be in-use for the backburner jobs and having both running concurrently would kill the machine and negate any speed benefit.

What if Corona had a setting in the DR settings where you could enable DR but only under the condition that Corona is not already rendering on that node? I.e. a "Use only if idle." checkbox in the DR settings.

This would mean that you could have DR kick in only when the machine is free and not running another network render job (or local render job). This would then allow you to avoid having any idle nodes on your network which have finished all available network render jobs and have nothing to do, yet there is still one remaining job that is only running on a single node - they would automatically "release" their DR servers for use in the one remaining job on the network and get through it quickly.
Alex York